Friday, June 21, 2024

SKYGirls continues with their girl empowerment activities

A fortnight ago, Rail Park Mall was packed with activity as SKY, a new inspirational movement of girls for girls, held yet another one of their activities aimed at empowering the girl child.

The movement presented an opportunity for the girls to rub shoulders with the cr├¿me de la cr├¿me of the entertainment industry at the mall. The occasion was a celebration of the winner of the Smoke-Free logo competition as voted for by the SKYGirls themselves. “The Smoke Free logo competition was borne out of the pledge made by the girls to abstain from all forms of smoking,” said Lerato Tebogo. “The movement has a membership of more than 15 000 girls and they took part in selecting the winner out of the three anti-smoking logos that were designed.” She said the competition was launched a few weeks ago at a fashion hosted by the SKY movement held at Limkokwing University.

From September 6 to October 10, SKYGirls voted for one of the three Smoke Free inspired logos. The logo which represents ‘l love not-smoking’ was unveiled as the winner last weekend.

Local celebrities at the Rail Park hangout included Flava Dome presenter Sadi Dikgaka, rapper and Prime Time Life presenter Melo, DJ Jam’n ‘I, and rapper of Machonisa fame Euri. Also at the event were R&B singer and the new voice on Yarona FM morning show, Elt├®, as well as popular R&B Club and radio DJ, Kellz.

Over the past few months, local personalities and public figures have come out on various platforms to support SKYGirls in their quest to stay true to themselves, with the network now affectionately known as FriendsOfSKY.

Apart from taking pictures with SKYGirls and chatting the day away sharing their inspirational life stories with them, the celebrities got to give the SKYGirls the Limited Edition Smoke-Free t-shirts which bear the winning Smoke-Free symbol.

Tebogo said they are lining up a couple of activities that will see the team take a tour across the country to interact with teenage girls.

SKY is an acronym that comes directly from ‘Shapo Ka Yone’ and ‘Sure Ka Yone’. It is a sisterhood of teenage girls between the ages of 12 and 19, who have taken the ‘SKY’ pledge to be true to themselves. “What bonds these girls together is the desire to make choices that are right for them. SKYGirls say Sure Ka Yone to the things they like and Shapo Ka Yone to the things they don’t need,”Tebogo said.

“The Smoke-Free logo is inspired by what SKYGirls have said is one of their biggest ‘Sure-s’, Fashion, and their biggest Shapo, being Smoking.

The movement was launched in February this year at the Rail Park Mall parking lot. Zeus and Samantha Mogwe performed at the event.


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