Monday, July 4, 2022

Social websites are hunting grounds for sexual perverts

I have proof that some people I know have had sexual encounters with people they met through social networks like facebook and twitter. This article is not meant to offend them. Neither does it mean that I judge them in any way.

We have always heard of people who met through the internet and have been happily married for years. Those stories were mainly from the western world.

But the fad has now come to Africa and Botswana. Social network sites are now used as dating agencies, and the danger lies in the fact that sexual predators have now found an opportunity through which they can scavenge for their prey.

There are some girls out there who have actually posted pictures of themselves wearing hardly anything on the net. The big question is, what message are they conveying to those who view their profile?

As a woman I have lost count of the number of complete strangers who have asked for my mobile number on my facebook account, with lurid promises of “an amazing adventure”.

That is why I cancelled my accounts on other social websites like Tagged which are basically sexual markets that are crawling with perverts who do not beat around the bush about exactly what they are looking for. The answer is simple, sex.

Many people of course sign up for social websites for different reasons. While others find them as cheap and effective communication tools with which they can keep in touch with distant friends and family, others use them as their hunting ground for sex.

On social websites people are allowed to become whoever they fantasise to be. Some upload other people’s pictures and pass them off as theirs, while others post false information about their age and educational background.

So be careful not to be hoodwinked into thinking that the nice glossy pictures that you see on social website profiles are real, half the time they are not. Many a guy would tell you about how they made appointments to meet with one of their “friends”, and ended up being utterly disappointed because the real person what not what she claimed to be on the net. Many a time, a number of guys have had to make a dash for it because the girl that they saw on the net was a complete stranger in real life. The experienced guys actually make appointments in public places, so that they can easily melt into the crowd if push comes to shove.

So, if one can post a fake picture of themselves on the net, why is it not possible that a serial killer can prowl on innocent Christians by claiming that he or she is a god loving individual who is just trying to make contact with other believers around the world?

This story was inspired by an event that recently occurred when three of my guy friends decided to ask three girls that they had met through a social network to come and visit them in Botswana. The girls came all the way from Lesotho to visit the guys.

As it turned out the girls were not as pretty as they looked on the net, and the guys were a little disappointed, but they decided to be civil.

Funny enough, the girls were acting like they are in love. But for the guys, the visit was a dream come true; easy sex, no connections, no attachments and no relationships. Plus, the guys did not have to travel a thousand kilometres to get laid.

For me it was sad to watch how the guys were being given props for importing chicks from Lesotho, while the girls were labelled as desperate.

The point is; women should be very careful who they befriend on social websites, and young girls should refrain from giving strangers their numbers. AIDS and ritual murders are on the rise in our country, so let’s do our best to stay clear of temptations that would lead to our destruction.


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