Wednesday, October 20, 2021

SOFA team cries foul over use of funds

An affiliate of the Southern Football Association, Polokwe Junior Chiefs, has written to the Botswana Football Association requesting it to do a follow-up on a motion passed by the junior league teams for SOFA to avail a financial statement

The team’s chairman, William Maboane, said the letter to BFA comes after they failed to get clarity on the motion that was passed during the Annual General Assembly seeking the committee to provide a proper financial statement before the league starts. Polokwe Chiefs play in the SOFA Division 1 regional league.

“During the AGM teams disputed the financial statement that was tabled by the treasurer hence Polokwe moved a motion to defer the financial statement to be presented before the league starts. The motion was supported by Gilport Lions,” explained Maboane. 

He said some suspected that there were some teams that were being favoured by the committee and they could play without contributing the match officials’ allowances. 

“Teams are expected to contribute P3 300 per season for match officials. “During the AGM the financial statement could not reflect which teams paid and which ones did not hence the stand-off,” he explained further. 

He said teams were reluctant to continue contributing when the committee could not account for last season’s spending. 

He said the other issue that the teams did not approve of was the P14 000 spent on printing of the constitution for the teams. “Why that huge sum of money when the region has about 24 teams”. We need proper accounting,” Maboane said.

Maboane is worried that BFA has since went mum on their request to intervene. 

Contacted for comment the SOFA regional secretary general Thuto Keatweng confirmed receiving a letter of concern from Polokwe Football Club. “We have received a letter two week back before the league started from Polokwe. They were concerned and doubted that money might not be used accordingly,” explained Keatweng. 

He said they were taking their concerns very seriously and will attend to the concerns of the club. “They want to know how the money that comes from their contributions is used towards running of the league. It is the obligation of the committee to report back to our affiliates,” Keatweng said.

He said though he did not respond to them formally, he has called them and told them that their concern was being attended to. “We will write them a formal letter,” assured Keatweng. 

Still with the SOFA region, Keatweng said they had been failing to meet as the executive committee because they could not form a quorum. The SOFA committee chairman, Lesego Leaketsa, resigned two weeks ago. Johana Ramantele, who was an additional member in the committee, passed on and was laid to rest on Saturday.


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