Thursday, May 23, 2024

Son of the Soil cultural event back again

It is that time of the year again when Batswana will get to gear up in their traditional German Prints and leather inspired outfits in celebration of their roots and culture as they head off to one of the biggest and longest running cultural events, Sun Of The Soil. It will be its eleventh year running.

As it is already the norm, the Sun of the Soil team always brings something new to kill the monotony in this annual event. This year is no exception and attendants should expect to return with a greater knowledge and appreciation of their culture.

They will get to be students of the best professionals in the industry as there will be a workshop where the likes of Professor Thapelo Otlogetswe who is a professor in Linguistics and Lexicography. He has been described as the “Architect of Google in Botswana.” Professor Otlogetswe will be presenting on language and subculture at the workshop.

Professor Motlhanka from the Botswana College of Agriculture will also give his insight regarding traditional medicine and traditional doctors in our society. When asked if a traditional doctor will be coming on board, one of the organisers, Pontsho Pusoetsile, explained that they had not planned one for this year’s event but will definitely look into it the coming year.

For traditional Setswana music there will be presentations from Batho Molema and Dan Mogami whilst on music, attendants should also expect a show and half from the Bobonong born traditional singer Shumba Ratshega who brought Batswana hits like Makhirikhiri and Leso la Monnamogolo. Both tracks contain extremely controversial lyrics. Kopano Sechele will speak about the Setswana storytelling and how it was used to build character. Batlokwa Sebule Semele will be shedding light on traditional events protocol and procedures.

The food, the one thing that either makes or breaks the event will be presented by local personality and Chef MacJohn Mosenene. He will treat Batswana to knowledge of the versatile traditional culinary art of Botswana foods.

As it is the norm, this year Batswana will get to participate in food preparation of this event.

Sun of The Soil will once again be held at Boetelo Sun Valley Resort and festivities will kick off on Friday January 30th with the ‘Traditional Chillas’ which will include storytelling traditional dance and song. The main event will be on Saturday where it will be the whole festival and will end on the Sunday with a jazz Festival showcasing some of the finest local jazz acts.

The rules have not changed, jeans are still not allowed and only traditional attire will be allowed, cooler boxes are also to be left in vehicles and only traditional cups are expected to be used for all non-traditional drinks.
Tickets are sold at Computicket dealership, Shoprites in Gaborone, Francistown, Main and Mochudi. Depending on the preferred package, the prices range from P50 to P600.


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