Tuesday, May 24, 2022

South African dancer to set Maitisong ablaze

Maitisong will be on fire when Fana Tshabalala, the young talented South African professional dancer and choreographer, takes to the stage on Friday.?His first appearance in Botswana is expected to thrill the audiences with a wide range of his dancing skills. Alliance Françoise, the French Embassy  and Maitisong teamed up to bring the talented dancer to Gaborone.

Alliance Françoise spokesperson, Kgalelo Mochikwane, emphasized that the artist was brought in the country to promote French culture.

“Alliance Fran├ºoise has brought different artists to the country in the past. We always bring artists with French cultural experience to come and share with other artists.┬áThey always come and perform with Batswana artists,” she said.

Mochikwane pointed out that Tshabalala recently performed in all Alliance Franchises in South Africa and Lesotho. She said that his performance was part of his tours in the French cultural network in Southern Africa.

Mochikwane considered Thabablala as one of South Africa’s best contemporary dancers, enigmatic and powerful.

She noted that his solo performances, titled ‘Une Rupture’ (a break), on music composed by the avant-garde French artist, Brigitte Fontaine, which deals with perceptions of reality.
Mochikwane says artists are usually invited as part of the cultural exchange program.

“We brought Malawi artist, Jon Munthali, and Christopher Durang from Reunion Island. The two artists worked with a traditional dance group known as Seragantshwana while they were here. This gave them an opportunity to learn about our culture while Seragantshwana also learnt about their cultural dance,” added Mochikwane.

Tshabalala began his career in performing arts, working with many community arts organisations in Alexandra, South-Africa.

He completed his formal training at Moving Into Dance Mathopong (MIDM), from where he graduated in 2006 and choreographed his first solo dance, ‘As it is Two in One’. He performed at the FNB Dance Umbrella’s Stepping Stones in 2007. ┬á

Currently, he is a professional dancer and choreographer at MIDM. He had many opportunities to work with renowned national and international choreographers. In 2009, he worked with Michel Kelemenis from France and performed the role of Anatom in ‘L’ Amoureuse de Monsieur Muscle”.┬á This work toured around France, reaching places like Nancy, Marseille and Dunkerque.

Tshabalala also worked with Keleminis on ‘That Side‘, which he brought back to South Africa.

He will be welcomed by folk musician, Ntirelang Barman.


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