Friday, July 1, 2022

Soweto Kinch in Botswana

One of Britain’s most exciting and versatile artists, Soweto Kinch, says he is looking forward to his first tour of Botswana.

The 32-year-old award winning alto saxophonist, jazz artist, MC/Rap artist hit the shores of Botswana today (Wednesday) at noon.

Speaking in an exclusive telephone interview with Telegraph Lifestyle from his native Britain prior to his arrival in Botswana, Soweto said he is “looking forward to experiencing the rich vein of culture that the country has to offer”.

“I have already been to Africa, in South Africa and Zimbabwe, but I have never been to Botswana. The little knowledge of Botswana I have was gotten from some of my friends at the university, so I am looking forward to this tour. I am looking forward to accessing the rich vein of culture that this country has to offer,” Soweto said.

While in the country, the artist is expected to hold workshops for students and musicians while he is also expected to perform in a charity show for the Masiela Trust Fund.

Having been in the Southern African region before, the award winning artist says he is aware of what to expect in the local music industry, more especially in the hip hop arena.

“From the hip hop music I have listened to in Southern Africa, I know it fuses with traditional African music and that is what I expect to hear in Botswana,” Soweto continued.

Having already been to Portuguese-speaking Brazil, Soweto says he is not concerned about language barrier as music cuts across language barriers and can be enjoyed even if the language is not understood.

“I am looking forward to playing with local artists and to share ideas with them,” he said.
The artist says he hopes to inspire more people to do music while also “expecting that he and other artists in the country will create an artistic spectacle to raise funds for charitable courses”.

While in the country, Soweto will on Thursday afternoon visit the House of Parliament where he is expected to meet with the patron of Masiela Trust, Dr Margaret Nasha, before embarking on a tour of Gaborone with local hip hop star, Scar.

On Friday, he will conduct a workshop for local artists at Maitisong before holding a press party at Phakalane where he will be staying.

His first performance in Botswana will be on the 16th when he will share the stage with the likes of Botswana’s leading jazz artist, Shanti Lo, as well as poets TJ Dema and Khwezi in a charity show at the Phakalane Golf Estates.

Tickets for the show are priced at P300 and include the after party. Soweto comes to the country courtesy of Cross-Border Projects, Elan Botswana, Phakalane Estates and MTV network, just to mention a few.


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