Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Speculation over Tsimako’s future grows

Alleging that there is no indication that Botswana Police Service Commissioner, Thebeyame Tsimako, will be leaving office anytime soon, some BPS police officers are wondering if Tsimako’s term is going to be extended.

Normally, when a Commissioner is about to retire, there is always talk about it in the police office corridors, including plans for his retirement, such as making contributions. Such arrangements are made as early as the beginning of the year that a Commissioner would be retiring, said a Sub Inspector at Police Headquarters but refusing to be named.

According to sources, so far, there has been nothing of that sort.
“This year there has been no instructions that we should start planning for his retirement,” said a senior police source who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.
This, the Sub Inspector says, leaves them to conclude that there might be some consideration to extend his term.

He said that it would be a very abnormal case in the police service that a commissioner’s term is extended, adding that he did not remember any such case in the last twenty-five years that he has been in the police service.

“If his term is extended it will be a new development in the police service; I do not remember such a case having happened in the past.”

He also revealed that there were at some point rumours that Tsimako would be replaced by a soldier but that the bosses declined to comment on the issue, leaving them wondering if that rumour was true, after all.

Asked if he believed such a rumour, he said that no one in his right mind can simply brush away such rumours as there have been cases where soldiers were transferred to other government institutions such as the Department of Prisons and Rehabilitation, which is even now headed by a soldier.

”It is very possible that such a thing can happen as the department of Prisons and Rehabilitation is currently headed by a soldier,” said a Senior Superintended, who also refused to be named.
He said that what might be proof that Tsimako’s contract will be extended is that no dates have been set yet for his touring of the country to bid police officers farewell as is tradition with departing Police Commissioners. However, another police source says that the delay in announcing Tsimako’s departure date could be that the government is planning to restructure the police service so that there are two Commissioners, one in the South and the other in the North, in addition to a national commissioner.

“Tsimako might be earmarked for National Commissioner’s post,” he said but was, however, quick to point out that this was just hearsay as nothing official had been announced.
However, the situation on the ground pertaining to Tsimako’s retirement gives credence to this.
The Public Relations Officer of the Botswana Police Service, Christopher Mbulawa, has refused to comment on the issue, saying that it was a personal thing.

”I think you should talk to the Commissioner himself,” said Mbulawa.
Efforts to speak to Tsimako were in vain as he was continuously said to be attending meetings.
Tsimako’s immediate deputy is Deputy Commissioner Kenneth Kapinga, a qualified lawyer.
Recently it was reported that the Commander of Botswana Defense Force Lieutenant General Tebogo Masire was leaving the army in July.


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