Sunday, December 3, 2023

Sport teachers find comical relief in stolen money gaffe

Some disgruntled teachers awaiting their sports assignments allowance monies have found comical relief in the Botswana Integrated Sports Association (BISA) failed attempt to pay them from the boot of BISA President Joshua Gaotlhobogwe’s car.

In what may best be depicted as a comedy of errors, it was revealed that following some pressure from teachers to be paid their dues, the BISA Executive Committee out of desperation took a decision to pay teachers manually to allay fears of delays in payment. The move was a departure from the norm where teachers are paid electronically through their banks.

As part of the plan, it is alleged that the BISA President cashed more than P60 000 which he supposedly would then have distributed among teachers in envelopes. The move is however alleged to have failed spectacularly as Gaotlhobogwe’s car was allegedly broken into and the amount looted.

In the wake of the failed pay from the car boot system, teachers took the Mickey off their executive’s hilarious misery as they launched what they termed #moneyinthebootchallenge.

In the challenge, the disgruntled teachers, some of whom are in disbelief as to how their leaders could have taken such a decision, made memes of toys loaded with monies allegedly meant for their payments.

Reached for comment, teachers said they were surprised to receive the message indicating that the money has been stolen instead of credit messages because the president issued a statement assuring teachers that they would be paid through the bank.

“We are now left in the dark as to what is the way forward because there was no formal communication regarding the issue. The envelope method was never mentioned, some teachers were contacted during the weekend to confirm their banking details. The strategy that the president and his committee wanted to adopt was useless since the teachers are starting to receive their payments through the bank.”

Gaotlhobogwe’s messages circulated to the teachers revealed that due to the urgency to pay the teachers BISA Executive Committee (EXCO) had agreed to pay teachers through cash in Gaborone and its surrounding when the money was stolen.

Things are not looking up for the BISA EXCO as teachers have criticized and expressed doubt in the BISA leadership in all the areas that affect them as members. Some of the concerns raised against the BISA committee is that they do not give out feedback. The criticisms come ahead of the Annual General meeting (AGM) which is scheduled for the 9th November 2018 and will be hosted by the South zone.


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