Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Sports Man Bar hosts stand up comedians every Friday evening

Ribcracker and Mod, two stand-up comics from the Maitisong Comedy Club, have opened a platform for stand up comedy at the Sports Man Bar, at President Hotel. Every Friday evening, between performing their own sets, they will provide a platform for anyone who is confident enough to try out their own jokes in front of a crowd.

The two comics, who say they are still Maitisong, own under the guidance of Rosalyn Beukes. However, the Sports Man Bar is their own initiative, an effort to promote appreciation for stand up comedy locally.

“It is basically a platform for other comedians, who will get a chance to perform their own material,” says Modiri Keseabetswe. Whoever performs the best is awarded a voucher, that could range from a 6-pack of beer, lunch or a t-shirt.

On the Friday evening that Sunday Standard spoke to the comics at Sports Man Bar, the crowd had sat attentively listening to the jokes, and raising their hands to offer their own anecdotes (rather haltingly) an improvement from the heckling that they experienced when they first stood in front of the unsuspecting crowd the previous week.

“Our supporters must expect a change in atmosphere because this time we aren’t in the theatre, but a pub, and we are placing a lot of emphasis on familiarising people with stand-up comedy,” Bafana ‘Ribcracker’ Letsatsi said after the session, adding that a plus is that entrance is free at the comedy evenings.

Glaring is the absence of the rest of the members of the Maitisong Comedy Club and the two comics are ambiguous about that. They simply answer that the other comics have taken sabbatical leave. They, however, add, “The club is a year old now, and might be hitting the road scouting for new talent soon.”

“We are looking for people with passion for comedy; if you fancy being famous, then comedy might be the wrong route,” Mod says, adding that comedy does not really bring fame; one must instead be more diligent in honing their craft.
They also mention that they are currently seeking sponsorship for the release of their first DVD, which will feature other guest comedians.


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