Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Spot the women cheater

Unlike men, some women only cheat after they had given their partner numerous chances to redeem themselves but without any improvement ever coming.
With men, temptation is enough to cause them to cheat, whereas with women, an insecure partner could actually lead them into cheating since they believe their male partner does not trust them anyway.

Some women have enough patience to handle a man’s blatant accusations for an unspecified period of time but they all have a limit.

The one mistake insecure men make is getting paranoid to the point where they always have to know where their girlfriends are at all times, what they are doing, who they are with, why they are out clubbing on a Friday night, etc.

It’s at this time that they forget to treat their women right and do not act towards them as people in a relationship should.

They are so busy getting paranoid that they forget that a woman has needs, which they are now neglecting.

If there’s one thing that’s a fact for any man to register, it’s that a woman, no matter what colour, shape or size, is an attractive being and she will always have men after her, some more than others, but the fact that you are with her means you are the chosen one.
Once men choose to overlook that fact, they unwittingly and slowly push their women towards other men.

Women, as we all know, are emotional beings, even the Hillary Clintons of this world have a breaking point. Once they feel unappreciated and not trusted, they are bound to look for those comforts elsewhere.

Some women may also fall prone to cheat not because they are not in love with their current partner but because the relationship they are involved in at the time might have reached a point of stagnation.

You know your relationship has reached stagnation point when you no longer look forward to seeing your partner at the end of the day, no longer eager to read the good morning messages he sends, no longer jump up to hug him at the door when he visits, but you still value him as a good friend.

At this point, women feel trapped and see no chance of escaping because in most cases they would have been dating the man for years and had even got close to his friends and family.

A break up at this point would mean the woman distancing herself from the people she had grown to love and she would feel as if she is betraying their love as well. Therefore, most women in this predicament are not happy and are just about ready to lose themselves.
Seeing their situation from this angle, some women are most likely to cheat discreetly to avoid doing what they really should be doing: ending the relationship.

Insecure women themselves are also prone to cheat on their partners and still justify their actions.

An insecure woman is a woman who needs constant assurances of love from their spouses even though it might not be enough to calm their suspicions.
The one thing that most insecure women have is the ability to always look down on themselves and underestimate their lovability levels when it comes to issues of intimacy.

They will always try to look the best they possibly could at most times and believe that their looks could get a man to love and care for them as their own, but the moment they meet the other women that their partner works with or is friends with, the green monster comes out and the paranoia that applies to both men and women start.

These women who pride themselves on their looks will then start to pay attention to the men who are ogling over their beauty while still in a relationship with their spouse and justify their actions to themselves in the light that the man must be cheating with the other women he works with.

And then there is the woman who falls head over heels in love with a guy only to find that the guy is still immature and irresponsible but she had already dug in her heels deep.

This poor woman would take everything, from the many nights he spends away from home drinking with his friends to him fighting with her friends, him always being broke and not being able to pay his share of the bill, to him not even attempting to look for a job.
Her friends would be telling her how useless the guy is and how he is using her.

She knows all of this but is hoping that somehow, somewhere along the way, the guy might change his ways and be the man she thinks he could be.

She would continue nurturing him up until one day she gets a wake-up call and realizes she is wasting her time.
This usually happens when a new guy who is much more loving and mature comes into the picture and, because she fears starting afresh, she would tread carefully at first.

By treading carefully this means she won’t dump her useless boyfriend just yet but she will see the new guy for some time until she decides to move on.

The most common woman cheater though is the one who is feeling neglected by her spouse.

This usually happens in the case where the man always has something else as his first priority, in most cases his job, or his friends/social life.

The woman would feel unwanted because the man’s attention is always elsewhere, thus the need to get someone else’s attention becomes compelling.
They also feel that the guy doesn’t care what they do or how they go about doing it, because they know the guy won’t notice even if they were not hiding the fact that they were cheating.

Some would cheat with men who mean nothing to them but just because they give them what their men are not.


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