Thursday, April 25, 2024

Stiff competition expected as Car Service City opens in Gaborone

Car Service City, a renowned South African auto commercial outfit, recently opened doors for the locals in the city of Gaborone under a citizen-owned franchise in a move likely to prop up service delivery in an industry perceived to rip-off the unsuspecting customers.

Currently, the company boasts of 25 outlets across South Africa with first of its kind filling the space in the City.

Speaking in an interview with Sunday Standard Thursday, the optimistic company’s spokesperson, Kevin Taylor, who masterminds in training and expertise in the field of technology, insisted their venture was spurred by the realization that most Batswana visit Car Service City in South Africa on a daily basis seeking services, ranging from minor to major faults, a development which clearly spelt something was wrong with the local car industry.

“We could not wait and fold arms but to jump to the opportunity as it was evident the almost 90 percent of Batswana visiting our shores wanted our services. Through a 100 percent citizen franchise, we managed to open Car Service City in Botswana thus bridging the gap,” narrated Taylor.

Besides trucks, Car Service City tinkers with any make, including non-European and European, in the assistance of a high technology machine simply dubbed Launch x.431, which diagnoses any fault the auto-machine could have incurred.

“I personally managed the machine to diagnose the faults, if any, which would be displayed on the screen to suggest malfunctioning, followed by a receipt from the machine informing the same revelations.

If nothing peeps on the screen it is a signal, the vehicle is not dented with any faults while the opposite would suggest something is wrong with the vehicle,” he maintained, adding, “should the air bag, for example, be the root cause, the machine would display on the screen to be followed by a receipt showing the same results.”
At a minimum of P200, customers’ cars would undergo this routine and it will be up to the individual whether to go for fault service or not.

Taylor is adamant the unscrupulous dealers would be separated from the crooks as Car Service City is open to make check and balances for the client seeking to buy a used second hand car.
According to Taylor the arrangement is popular with the locals who are unsure of their purchase, preferring instead to consult Car Service City for remedy.
Powered through CEDA, the government initiative which attempts to empower Batswana and thereby create employment for others, Car Service City currently boasts of 14 employees, among them reputable engineers while others are vigorously advertising the company around the City.

With minimum price of P495 for service coupled with other incentives among others 10 thousand kms warranty , the company, situated at plot at plot 28577 Station Road, intends to expand in the near future to other places including Francistown.


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