Sunday, May 29, 2022

Still no victors at the Lansmore Burger Challenge

Ever since its inception sometime ago, the Lansmore Masa Square Hotel burger eating challenge is still on.

Every Wednesday, people try but fail dismally to finish the mouth watering burger and chips meal, which earlier this week had a P4000 prize tag. Lansmore Masa Square Hotel is a business-first luxury hotel that is redefining the hospitality experience of business travellers in Africa.

The hotel is uniquely positioned to ensure their guests have a wonderful experience every time they visit. It is located in one of the two towers in the iconic Masa Square in Gaborone.

In the middle of the complex is a beautifully designed plaza with three restaurants. The Towers are poised to be the ultimate work, shop, play and stay centre in the country.Their knowledge of Africa enables them to exceed expectations. This is why they have implemented a successful weekly food eating competition.

Earlier this week, yours truly paid a visit to the Lansmore Hotel restaurant terrace to find out more about this hefty burger and chips challenge.

Courtesy of Lansmore Masa Square Hotel Sales and Marketing Manager Botho Mogami I had a once in a life time opportunity to face the Man vs Food challenge.

To begin with, the burger has a 1 kilogram beef pattie. The amount of bread which is used in this burger is equivalent to two bread loaves.

Stuffed with the normal ingredients like gherkins, onions, tomatoes, and different sauces this burger is impossible to hoist off the plate in the first place. The chips amount to about half the size of the Bimbos large sized chips. Not forgetting to mention a light tomatoe and lettuce salad, this comes seperately on a side plate. Every competitor is given half an hour to complete this challenge.

Upon arrival of the burger I had rallied some guys to support me. I thought to myself, “This is a good opportunity to make history!”

If that guy on Man Vs Food can do it, so could I. So I rolled up my sleeves, unbuttoned my top collar and started my epic journey of climbing the burger mountain.

When the whistle blew I cut the burger in to four pieces. With the ultimate grand prize of possibly sleeping in the presidential suite of Lansmore masa hotel and a P3000 tab at absolute bar I didnt look back.

I gobbled up the burger as guys cheered me from the bar counter which played a leading role as a makeshift grand stand. After about 25 minutes of stuffing food in my mouth I lost steam. After guzzling down some water I tried to gobble up some more of the pattie which started to taste like rubber.

“When I looked up, I noticed these yellow bones pointing and laughing at me. That was it. I had had enough. I had made a fool of myself enough for one day. So I retired. I couldnt take it any more. I had a full belly.

Thapelo Motlhware, a resident of Gaborone Phase 2 is a regular at the weekly Lansmore Hotel burger challenge. He says many people have attempted to finish this scrumptious meal in 30 minutes, but have failed.

“Some of these guys come here and start beating their chests to brace themselves to chow this lions share sized meal but leave here stuffed to the brim and looking sick.”

Restuarant Manager Keneilwe Ntwayamala says they have attracted a huge audience throughout the week. The grand prize for the food eating competition currently stands at P5000. “The prize money goes up by P1000 every week,” she said.


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