Thursday, June 30, 2022

Strike action forces District Commissioner to close offices

Government workers in Ramotswa who have decided against joining the ongoing wildcat strike were on Monday twiddling their fingers after their offices were closed down following fears of a possible picket by their counterparts who have gone on strike.

The Ramotswa Immigration, Department of Information, Roads Department, Environmental and Social and Community Development offices remained closed on Monday.

The District Commissioner, Moses Gaealafswe, closed the offices adjacent to the area where striking civil servants gather daily.

“We had no option but to close the offices after we gathered that striking workers had intentions to intimidate civil servants who are at work. We are assessing the situation.┬á For further information you are advised to contact the DPSM,” Gaealafswe said.

Ramotswa Police station Commander, Superintendent Sarah Gabathuse, claimed by the time of going to press that she had received no reports of alleged intimidation by striking civil servants.

Unionist Raymond Malinga denied that striking workers were intimidating those who are at work.

“The DC┬ámust show us evidence. As far as we are concerned, we told workers who have not joined the strike that they will regret their lack of solidarity with us,” Malinga told the Telegraph on Monday.

┬áWhen the Telegraph went visiting, old council offices were locked while idle civil servants were ordered to assemble at the premises that also┬áhouse the District Commissioner’s office.


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