Monday, November 29, 2021

Strike puts spanners in UB PGDE studies

The University of Botswana (UB) Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) students have not been able to proceed with their practical teaching practice due to the ongoing strike action that has adversely affected teaching and learning at schools.

However, when contacted, the Ministry of Education Chief Public Relations Officer, Nomsa Zuze, said the ministry was unaware of the matter. She referred the enquiry to the UB.

“UB public relations department will be in better position to assist you as my office has not received such information yet,” said Zuze.

UB Education Faculty Dean, Professor Richard Tabulawa confirmed that the institution had been unable to post about 70 students to various schools for teaching practice as the schools have temporarily been closed owing to the strike. He stated that things had gone the way which they did not plan. He said 33 guidance and counseling students have also been re-posted to different private agencies.

┬á“We are hoping for the best before the end of the year to solve the problem,” said Tabulawa.
Professor Tabulawa revealed that out of 529 educations students, 110 are PGDE completing students who have been affected. He stated that some organizations have been helping by accepting students for practical practice, particularly the ones which have not been affected by the strike. According to Tabulawa, the duration for teaching practice is six to seven weeks. He stated that it is important for students to go through teaching practice before they get employed as teachers. He said the students should complete the teaching practice before their graduation. Professor Tabulawa stated that teaching practice is expected to resume as soon as the schools situation stabilizes.

Currently, Molefi Senior Secondary School is one of the closed schools after it was disrupted by the strike.


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