Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Sua Flamingos’ wings clipped as factions vie for power

An internal strife involving players and factions at Sua Flamingoes is threatening to derail the team ahead of the start of the new season.

The ambitious Sowa Town based Debswana First Division North League (DFDNL) is embroiled in bitter internal battles with two factions fighting over its control.

On the opposing end of the internal battle are the Sua Mine employees in one hand and the community of Sowa on the other.

According to reports reaching this publication, the internal strife has marred the club’s preparation for the new season with the club yet to engage in pre season training despite league opener catching up.

Word reaching Sunday Standard is that the bitter factional wars between the two factions reached a tipping point recently when the two factions, as well as some players, got involved in a mass brawl.

A scheduled elective congress was aborted this week when two factions gunning for the club’s executive committee failed to agree on terms.

It has emerged that stewards at the elective congress were forced to dismiss the meeting just after two positions were elected for, after one of the factions interrupted proceedings.

“The challenge is that there is a faction of mine workers who are of the belief that by virtue of the mine sponsoring the club they are entitled to be part of the executive committee. This is a view opposed by the other faction from the community who are seeking for an elective congress to decide on committee members guided by the team constitution,” a source revealed.

It is said after failing to reach an agreement, the other faction claiming to be from the mining company declared that there is no longer an active executive committee and will be decided by the sponsor. It is said that they uttered that an interim committee will be unveiled by the sponsor next week.

‘’Our term in office ended this week as we went to the general assembly that did not materialise as it was aborted. The meeting went on smoothly until voting commenced when the other faction vying for positions opposed the inclusion of players in voting. It was agreed at the end that they be allowed to partake but we could not conclude as the other faction disturbed proceedings after confirmation of the secretary ballot,” said former club Chairman Kentse Wamakoko.

He further revealed that the club supporters and community is still to seek clarification from the constitution on the matter that there will be an interim committee to run the club affairs without any ballot.

“We are driven by the constitution and we should abide by its mandate so we want everything to be done accordingly. As we speak we were told that majority of players have been released by the club but the executive committee was in the dark. The season is about to start and the team has not engaged in proper pre season which might turn ugly,” Wamakoko told Sunday Standard.


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