Sunday, July 3, 2022

Sub District concerned about below target expenditure

The Mogoditshane/Thamaga Sub district’s total expenditure stands at P12, 914,319,33; constituting 18.2 percent of the approved budget of P70, 924, 020 for the year 2013/14.

The Chairperson of the Sub District, Major Driver Motlokwa, announced this in his speech, marking the opening of its third ordinary session full council meeting on Monday. He said as the council, they had set themselves the target of 25 percent of the total approved budget by this period.

“It is evident that our expenditure is far below our desired target. This is mainly attributed to late award of tenders, as most of them were approved during the month of May 2013. I, therefore, urge all Heads of departments to intensify procurement so that we can fall back on track. The challenge may, however, be lack of storage facility as currently the Supplies warehouse, which is still under construction, is likely to be utilised during the third quarter,” said Motlokwa.

He said they want to ensure that all remaining tenders are awarded by the end of July 2013. Subsequent to that, they plan to undertake budget review immediately the second quarter elapses to determine expenditure and income levels, which will allow all the council to determine areas that require reprioritisation in terms of allocation of funds.

“I will not be doing justice if I give you our position without highlighting our income status. We have made good strides as far as generating our own income is concerned. Collection of income has surpassed the one million mark up to date, with sanitation fees at P361, 081,83 followed by Trade licenses at P195,425.10, Plan perusal fees at P193,816.10 and Interest on Investment at P136 000, among other avenues. Let me assure you that we intend to continue with these commendable efforts in order to improve our revenue base,” said Motlokwa.

On poverty eradication program, Motlokwa reminded his Councillors that he once announced arrival of P976, 513.00 being funds to kick start the alternative package projects. Unfortunately, he said, these funds did not meet the Sub District demands as procurement of equipment and materials prices exceed what had been disbursed. The sub district then resolved to buy part of the equipment and materials so that beneficiaries can kick start while waiting for the rest to be funded. The sub district has since requested additional funds amounting to P620 248.65 in order to fund procurement and materials that were left out.

“It is my upmost dream to see this program achieve its mandate. Not that this program was introduced to eradicate absolute poverty among our people and promote self sustenance through Local Economic Development both of which are in line with 2016 and Millennium Development Goals.”


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