Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Sub District having difficulties in complying with laws

The Thamaga/ Mogoditshane Sub District continues to have challenges as far as compliance with the set business operational laws is concerned.

This was said by the Sub District Council’s Chairperson, Major Driver Motlokwa, while giving the opening speech during its third full council meeting. He pleaded with councillors to intervene and help law enforcement officers to address the challenges in their respective wards.

“You will note that illegal garages, vehicle dealerships, tyre services, sale of intoxicating substances and street vending are the order of the day in our sub district, especially Mogoditshane,” said Motlokwa. “Lately, there has been a mushrooming of brick moulders and illegal churches operating in residential areas and, notably, there is an escalating number of roadside tyre services which have not only become an eyesore but also a health hazard.”

Motlokwa said that they had to remove all vendors who were selling their merchandises on roadsides and bus stops and there was a lot of resistance from this informal sector despite the intensive consultations with them before they embarked on the exercise.

“As council, we want to make it clear to those in the business and the community at large that the intension is not to deny them the opportunity to make a living but we do not want to endanger your lives or put your lives at risk of accidents by allowing them to operate from such places,” he said.
Motlokwa further informed Councillors and representatives from various council departments that community members are reluctant to pay for refuse collection services. The waste management records have showed this. Out of approximately 18 000 households, only 5582 households have paid for the collection services in the entire sub district.

“This is worrisome as disregard of waste management leads to persistent illegal dumping of refuse along the roads, in our village outskirts and at the lands. This is despite council’s numerous attempts to engage the public on the importance of refuse management. My main concern is that, daily, council has to arrange to collect waste which has been dumped by unknown motorists at bus stops along the A10 road from Thamaga to Mogoditshane. This is an indication that it is either people are ignorant of our services or they are deliberately avoiding to register and pay for the service,” Motlokwa said.

He added that he would continue to address this issue during his ongoing Kgotla meetings. Issues of environmental protection and pollution cannot be over emphasised and, as such, community members are requested to participate and take responsibilities in environmental protection by paying for refuse collection services.

“I am urging you to encourage community members to take advantage of My Bin My Waste initiative and procure bins from council at a highly subsidised price of P200 per standard sized bin and enjoy free collection for six months,” he said.


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