Monday, November 28, 2022

Super Woolies in Riverwalk

The first-ever local Woolworths superstore is now open for business in Riverwalk. The store partially occupies the former Riverwalk food store but with expanded floor space to the sides and rear to accommodate the new shopping concept.

The store offers shoppers the type of product range available in Woolworths stores in South Africa. It is an extension of the one-stop shopping experience that Woolies flighted earlier when they introduced major branded products on the shelves for their customers’ added convenience. The Riverwalk store has further developed this shopping option with a wider range of specialty and general food items, a much wider selection of clothing and more fresh flowers and plants.

A spokesman for the Group said that their customers had made it clear that they wanted a store on a par with what was available down south. Consumers in Botswana have become increasingly selective and sophisticated in their shopping, cooking and eating habits and they need a product range which can supply their changing demands. Television channels such as BBC Food and glossy magazines dedicated to gourmet cooking and fine wines mean that shoppers wanting to recreate a sophisticated dish or put together an elegant entertainment menu need to know that there is a local store which can supply their specialist needs, with items such as chanterelle or shitake mushrooms, imported Italian Prosciutto ham and Norwegian smoked salmon. In addition, the emphasis today, food-wise, is increasingly towards the type of healthy food items that are only available from Woolworths, including Soya-based substitute dairy products, health-promoting pro-biotic yoghurt and organic or pure farmed foods such as the new hand-made organic cheddar cheese and even organic wines. Woolworths now also produces a range of enriched wholemeal breads in response to changing consumer demand.

On the clothing side, the store now has 4 times as much floor space as previously, allowing for a much wider selection of ladies and menswear and, for the first time, a full range of children’s clothing is also available at Riverwalk. Because of the extra space and stock, the store also presents the ideal venue for future fashion shows and other clothing promotions.


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