Saturday, May 18, 2024

Suspect in court for allegedly hacking wife with a spade

A man from Shashe Mooke Village in the Tonota Sub Constituency appeared before Francistown Principal Magistrate, Peggy Madandume, to answer to a charge of unlawful wounding after he allegedly hit his wife on the head with a spade.

The facts from prosecution reveal that on the 5th of April in 2010, the accused, Boile Solomon, allegedly wounded his wife with a spade after a misunderstanding at the farms near Mathangwane Village in the Central District.

Solomon then fled the scene but was later arrested.

Leading evidence in court, the complainant in the matter told court that it all started when Solomon followed her to a farm in Mathangwane Village where she was employed.

“He just came to me while I was working and told me that one of our children is not feeling well and I never suspected any violence from him,” she told court.

She went on to say that Solomon then approached him and asked her why she no longer stayed at their home in Shashe Mooke and she told him that she does not feel safe therefore she decided to move to her mother’s place. The complainant further told court that, in the blink of an eye, Solomon then got hold of the spade in her hands, which she was using and, after a long struggle, managed to snatch the spade and then repeatedly hit her on the head until she collapsed and fainted, bleeding.

She added that the accused then fled the scene and she was assisted by a fellow employee who then summoned police.

“I was surprised to see him because he had disappeared from our home since 2007 because we had some tensions.”

Solomon, however, vehemently denied all this during cross examination, saying that his wife was a liar.

The trial continues and the prosecution is yet to call witnesses to lead its evidence in court.


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