Monday, October 25, 2021

Suspects in the Tibone robbery appear before court

Five men suspected to be behind the robbery of former minister Charles Tibone were on Monday arraigned before the Broadhurst magistrate court to answer for single count of armed robbery. 

Tibone was attacked at his home last month.

He and his wife had their hands tied before the assailants fled with cash and other valuables.

According to the charge sheet the accused persons Onalenna Ramokopolwa (26), Letso Leipego (24),Moagi Letsholo (39), Joseph Ngayaya (42) and Judas Judas (29) and other three not before the court on the 4th of May 2016 at plot 21800 Phakalane  acting together in concert stole from Charles Tibone the following items  IPad valued P20 000, IPhone valued P11 320, Samsung S5 P11 242.50, Blackberry P2 600, Rolex wrist watch USD 16 000, Cartier  wrist watch USD 11 000, Red Swiss army knife USD 3 000, cash amounting to P2 000 and R2 000.  

The Monday appearance before Chief magistrate Faith Ngandu follows a serious Police search for the past three weeks that led to five suspects being nabbed by the police over the weekend. However early indications are that three other suspects are still at large and only two stolen valuable items have being recovered. 

Case prosecutor superintendent Balane Oagile told the court that investigations are still at the initial stages. He said the suspects should not be given bail as they might interfere with police investigation. Still on Monday the investigating officer detective inspector Toteng James of Broadhurst police station was called in to upraise the court about the investigations.  He stated that three other suspects believed to be locals are still at large and expected to be arrested shortly. He revealed to court that the alleged suspects poisoned two dogs that belonged to Tibone.

James added that Letsholo and Ngayaya had pending cases before the courts. Meanwhile the accused were denied bail.


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