Sunday, April 21, 2024

Suspended BNF stalwarts ask party to clarify charges

Botswana National Front (BNF) cadres, Lemogang Ntime, his son Kagiso Ntime and Malatsi Mokhubame, have made a demand for the BNF leadership to clarify charges of indiscipline launched against them.
The three have been suspended from the party for throwing the organization into disrepute.

“We have written to the party leadership demanding further particulars because we feel the charges are not clear,” said Kagiso Ntime on Monday in an interview with The Telegraph.

Ntime said, as suspended party members, they will not allow themselves to appear before a ‘kangaroo court’.

“We are very clear that we will not appear for a hearing until the charges have been clarified,” he stated.

The chairman of the disciplinary committee, Itumeleng Fight, has also come under attack. Ntime claims Fight has already concluded the case before the hearing because he openly boosted about cracking the whip on those suspended at a rally held in Old Naledi.

Ntime is accused of attacking the party leadership at a press conference last year. He is also charged with throwing the party into disrepute by publicly attacking the Umbrella model while his party was in cooperation talks with the Botswana Congress Party and the Botswana Movement For Democracy (BMD).

Ntime said that the charge in relation to his critique of the Umbrella party in local newspapers is unclear.

“I want to know how it has violated the party constitution; the BNF is not governed by the Umbrella,” he declared.

Ntime said that if discipline is not selective in the party, then party leaders Duma Boko and Isaac Mabiletsa should also be charged with indiscipline. He said that Boko and Mabiletsa have openly attacked them at different party forums because he simply did not agree with them on the Umbrella.
“Boko and Mabiletsa have been attacking us at political rallies because we don’t agree with the Umbrella, that is indiscipline,” he argued.

Meanwhile another party activist also on suspension, lawyer Gabriel Kanjabanga, is this week scheduled to appear before the party’s disciplinary committee.

BNF secretary General Akanyang Magama would neither confirm nor deny that the party had received a letter from the trio. Magama further said the disciplinary issue was also a very sensitive issue for him to comment on.

“It would be unfair to them if I make comments about a pending internal disciplinary matter,” He said. He referred this paper to the chair of the disciplinary committee.

“They know the process, if they want to make some clarifications they will clarify those issues at the hearing,” said Magama.


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