Sunday, June 23, 2024

Suspended Mabaila confesses undying love for Rre Masisi

Suspended Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) parliamentary candidate for Mogoditshane, Tshepang Mabaila’s heart was in a thousand pieces this week when he resigned from the party to contests as an independent candidate.

Mabaila confessed undying love for the BDP and President Mokgweetsi Masisi saying “I love my president. I know Rre Masisi is not petty and he only came to the decision to suspend me because he was presented with false information. I do not blame him and would probably have come to the same decision if I were in his position.”

He told Sunday Standard that if President Masisi were to ask him not to contest as an independent candidate and come back to the BDP as an ordinary member, he would do so without blinking.

“I like Rre Masisi and wish to continue working with him. He is a visionary hard worker and if I were to win Mogoditshane constituency as an independent candidate, I would go back to join the BDP and work with Rre Masisi.  I look up to him as my father and my president because he is a man of good faith.”

Mabaila says in his resignation letter he wished President Masisi well because Botswana needs him. “Even former President Ian Khama acknowledges that Rre Masisi is a visionary and a hard worker.”

Mabaila revealed that he has been in communication with President Masisi on face book. “When Rre Masisi was in China, we communicated on face book and I wished him well. My relationship with Rre Masisi runs deep; in fact he is the one who launched my foundation. He had to forego some of his important commitments just to come and launch my foundation and that means a lot to me.”

Mabaila was on Friday suspended from the BDP for five years following allegations that he influenced a motion of no confidence against President Mokgweetsi Masisi which was allegedly sponsored by Khama. The former President has since denied these accusations.

Mabaila was initially slapped with 60 days suspension pending disciplinary hearing.

In a suspension letter dated 7th August 2018 signed by Masisi, it is alleged that Mabaila committed offences against the rules, regulations and General Code of Conduct of the BDP.

Some of the offences listed include behaving in a grossly disorderly and unruly manner that might put the party name into disrepute contrary to General Code of Conduct number 11 and sowing seeds of discord in the party, using regionalism, tribalism or factionalism contrary to General Code of Conduct number 6. 

The letter further states that that Mabaila was contemptuous towards BDP leadership and other members contrary to General Code of Conduct number 7.

“As a party member you were obliged to abide by the constitution, rules and regulations of the party and expected to promote the philosophy, policies and programmes as stated particularly in Article 14 sub-section 1 and 2 thereof.”

It also stated that “It is further alleged that you have failed to act accordingly and used rumour mongering to castigate other members in your branch. It is also alleged that you have repeatedly disrespected the branch committee and sown deeds of factionalism.”

“ It is alleged further that you have also shown that you are against party president and promoted the interests of other parties against the BDP by mobilising opposition members and BDP members to vote for a motion of no confidence tabled by the Leader of Opposition,” Masisi’s letter further states.

Masisi further said he determined that this is one of the exceptional circumstances in which he should exercise the powers conferred upon him as party president as contemplated by Article 34.1.6 of the BDP constitution and consequently suspend Mabaila with immediate effect as a member of the party for a period of 60 days pending disciplinary action in light of the complaints laid against him.


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