Saturday, September 26, 2020

Swana Cut diamonds elicit excitement in Chinese market

A local diamond polisher and cutter has done Botswana’s diamond industry proud by producing a product that will reach the global market with a name that identifies with the country.

Six months ago Dalumi Botswana, a diamond cutting and polishing factory based in Mogoditshane, introduced Swana Cut, a product that they say has enhanced features that will be more appealing to diamond lovers.

“This initiative is supported by the fact that Botswana is a major diamond producer”, said Dalumi Managing Director Kobi Itzchaki.

To help market the product, Dalumi Botswana has engaged the services of a Chinese retailer, Joylong, which operates in the wealthy Zhejiang province in China.

As the exclusive regional distributor of Dalumi’s Swana, Joylong is expected to strengthen its position as an expert in innovative diamonds.

“We hope the recognition will make people of Botswana proud”, he added.
On Monday, Dalumi Botswana hosted investors from China, including the Chinese media, end customers and Joylong Director Wang Hui.

Hui said at the meeting that he was excited to have come to Botswana, adding that the Chinese market appreciate the uniqueness of the new product.

Joylong is expected to continue promoting Swana Cut in China, and they have confidence that they will over the years expand their Chinese market.
Currently, there are 30 shops selling the product in China with prospects to increase the stores to 200.

Hui told The Telegraph that the response to Swana Cut has been positive in China.

The cut is unique in that it has added features of the design of a star on the diamond.

Itzchaki said the star represents love, but added that what is more important is that it comes from Botswana.

The diamonds are created through a unique process of cutting and polishing a brilliant round cut diamond to produce a crown and pavilion with 89 facets forming a large 8-pointed star.A normal diamond has 57 facets.

Fitted with state of the art technology the Dalumi Botswana factory was set up two and half years ago at a cost of US$ 3 million (P24 million) , and employs over 200 employees.

Lucas Van Den Broeck, a director at the factory explained that they have not been adversely affected by the credit crunch and they have plans to expand in future.

While most local cutters were forced to retrench employees because of reduced demand for diamonds, Van Den Broeck said that they have retained their staff because Botswana is a priority.
Dalumi gets its rough diamonds from DTC Botswana and imports others from South Africa and Russia.

Itzchaki however revealed that they cannot increase their workforce as they are limited by the unavailability of rough diamonds.

Dalumi has other operations in Israel, India and China.


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