Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Tati Mining could shed jobs and affect employees’ welfare – BMWU

Tati Nickel Mining has been accused of neglecting the welfare of employees after they failed to inform the Botswana Mining Workers Union (BMWU) about job losses at the mine in light of the possible closure of the mine in 2015.

BMWU expressed the concern after the Tati Nickel Mining management failed to explain the possible job losses at a meeting held a week ago.

The mining company’s failure to inform the union about issues relating to the employees in the event that the mine closes prompted the BMWU to write a strongly-worded letter to the Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources.

Botswana Mining Workers Union, Secretary General, Bob Malele, said the letter was written to seek intervention following inaction by the mine in raising the issue of job losses.

Malele said that they were shocked to learn at the meeting three weeks ago with Tati Nickel Mining management that nothing was said about employees’ welfare ahead of possible closure of the mine.

“They were only concerned about their investments. They only told us that they were looking for investors because their operations were not doing well. They even told us that they will close the mine if they are unable to find an investor in 2015,” said Malele.

He said this was worrying since the company employs hundreds of people.

Malele said that they became aware that failure by company to explain to them about issues of workers at the mine was a clear indication that they were not interested in employees’ welfare.

He said the mining company informed them at the meeting about the possible closure of the mine in 2015 if they are unable to identify investors.

He stated that the union had since suggested that the government takes over the mine if Tati Nickel Mining is unable to find investors.


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