Thursday, July 7, 2022

Tati Nickel Mining Company aims high on its second Charity Walk fundraising

In a bid to contribute to the welfare of the disadvantaged communities in its vicinity, Tati Nickel Mining Company (TNMC) is this year aiming to raise more funds during its second annual General Manager Charity walk, billed for the 28th of May.

Speaking to the Sunday Standard in a telephone interview, the Communications Manager at the mine, Tebogo Rapitsenyane, revealed that the mine is targeting to raise P200 000 as compared to P112 000 they raised last year.

He said that they had also invited the First National Bank Chief Executive Officer, Lorato Boakgomo Ntakhwana, as they needed someone who is popular to try and stimulate interest in companies or organizations to take part in the Charity Walk.

“This year we decided to start the campaign a little bit earlier than last year so that we can approach a lot of companies to contribute to our endeavor,” he added.

Rapitsenyane added that although the Charity Walk could not raise much funds last year, he believes whenever you start something you should not expect extraordinary result, as there is a saying in English that “Rome was not built in a day”.

He also said that they have increased the joining fees for companies in the Charity Walk. It now stands at P 5 000 as compared to P 2 500 last year.

“Individuals are expected to join the Charity Walk at a fee of P100 and last year the fee was P50,” Rapitsenyane said.

A large number of TNMC employees and contractors as well as local communities are expected to take part in the walk. Last year 1100 people from the private sector, public sector, NGOs, communities in the vicinity of the mine and social clubs took part.

The Charity Walk by the Mine was established as a way of promoting a spirit of charity among the mine employees, individuals and the corporate world at large.

The money raised will be used to assist the disadvantaged communities in the vicinity of the mine looking at villages like Matsiloje, Matshelagabedi, Tati Siding and Shashe Mooke.


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