Saturday, February 27, 2021

Tawana fires salvos at his detractors

Maun West MP Tawana Moremi has advised his constituents to grant him time while he examines ways of dealing with a recent case that nearly tainted him.

This, he said he will do in a manner that will leave all involved regretting they ever crossed his path.

Although he could not elaborate further on this issue that almost drew the attention of the gathering, the seemingly aggrieved MP did make mention of the fact that the issue at hand was a very sensitive one, as it has even appeared in one of the country’s most read tabloids, thus worsening it even more.

Speaking over the weekend after his launch by Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), Tawana said “certain people” will soon regret their actions as he is out to make sure they get the pinch where it hurts most.

“I would like all of you, including my uncles here present to leave that issue to me. It is all a mess, and so I cannot, at this pointing time give details of what really transpired. I know that is what most of you want to hear, but please give time to deal with it my own way,” he said.

Tawana was recently implicated in a case involving a middle aged Maun woman, who accused him of a physical attack after failed attempts by the MP to lure her into having quick sex with him.

The two allegedly met at a night club, after which Tawana is alleged to have proposed a love relationship to the woman who did not agree to it.

Although it is still not clear how then after turning him down she still proceeded to accept a couple of drinks and an offer for a lift to town, the young woman went on to press charges at the Maun Police after the alleged incident.

For his part, UDC president Duma Boko convinced Batawana that despite everything, Tawana still remains their rightful parliamentary candidate whom they should vote for in good numbers.

He said Tawana has given himself generously to serve them, and that he is not an MP by default as compared to many others.

“Tawana did not join politics because of any reason besides wanting to advocate for you people. He is neither an opportunist nor a self confessed bootlicker. He saw the need, and was compelled by circumstances to stand for you. He is a born leader and a very intelligent fellow, and so I want you to complicate things more for the ruling party and take him back to parley because as you might know, people like him are rare to find,” he said.

UDC Secretary General Gomolemo Motswaledi attacked the BDP, saying besides losing momentum, it is also led by a very “frustrated president” who needs to be replaced.

He said him and President Ian Khama are close cousins, even though the latter is a passionate joker who has also lost focus on almost everything around him.

He said Khama once lost it when he referred to opposition parties as being dead and buried, adding there are so many people who are dead and buried that he can talk about.

He blamed the current cabinet for being too shallow minded, as they continue to allow Khama to do as he pleases with them, and always reshuffling cabinet whenever it suits him.

“If you want change then ours is the rightful party to trust. We are a party that preaches transparency. We want a neutral government which has the interests of its people at heart. We also want to see an improvement on the livelihoods of our people. So frustrate this man and show him you cannot settle for less,” Motswaledi said.


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