Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Tawana shakes off Khama’s Malemaesque attack

Kgosi Tawana Moremi of Friday brushed off the Julias Malemaesque attack by President Ian Khama and his acolytes during last week’s star rally in Maun, saying instead of explaining how the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) intends to tackle issues of concern in the area, they stooped to discuss his failed marriage. President Khama has always taken the political high road; even expressing disgust at South Africa’s Julius Malema’s indiscipline, recently took the low road and borrowed a leaf from Malema’s campaign style book during a recent star rally in Maun which many agree was in bad taste.

Responding to barbed remarks by the President and his entourage, Tawana on Friday told a packed politically rally that instead of discussing Foot and Mouth disease, floods and other issues that are troubling the constituency, Khama took pleasure in discussing his failed marriage, much to the delight of equally impertinent people. Tawana however said it was all a blessing in disguise. “I have had so many sympathizers after that meeting which my ex-wife was part of. Some of them tried to persuade me into believing that Khama was not at fault as he did not personally discredit me. Those are the people who do not know him as much as I do. That man is quite manipulative, and can turn people’s minds around.

He has done it even in parliament, where he uses people to pin others down. That is just how bad he is, he said”. He added “But after learning of that meeting and what was discussed, I was over the moon. I was overwhelmed with joy. Some of you might be surprised and ask themselves why I wasn’t offended by the whole thing. The truth is I saw it as a blessing in disguise.

These things happen when we least expect them, and so I am so obliged”. He said Khama’s motive was obvious, as there has been news doing rounds that he wants to take possession of all concession and communal lands. Should this happen, he said people in Xharaxhao, Ditshiping Daunara, Mosung, Nxaraga and many other settlements in Ngamiland will be robbed of their land which the BDP government intends to turn into a state land. For this reason, he said people should vote for him and the Umbrella for Democratic Change so that their land and other natural resources remain in their hands, failure at which there might be no one advocating for them. He said BDP parliamentary candidates at both Maun East and West are equally intrusive and are not well versed with Batawana customs. “He went on to say he is fond of my son and that he will make a better leader than me. Who on earth says so about another man’s child?

I mean, what impression is he trying to create? If he likes him as he alleges and sees him as tomorrow’s leader, then why does he rob his (Oatile’s) people of their possessions? This shows just how this greedy this man has become”, continued Tawana. UDC Vice president Ndaba Gaolathe said at the meeting that he stands to differ with those who see Tawana as an incompetent leader. He said having known Tawana since their school days, he cannot at this time doubt him as the UDC would have lost a great leader. “I am just hopeful that this man will help us fight the struggle. We are advocating for a government which will accommodate all and not take sides as it is the case now. The current government is a mess. What Khama does is what he sees as best.

We are however bringing dramatic change, come October 24th. We want people to wake up to the news that this whole mess has been dealt with. And that we can achieve through your votes next week as we go for elections”, he said. Currently, Ndaba said Batswana work under very harsh conditions. He said the police, Botswana Defence Force and other disciplined forces are the most affected, and that they are not favored by the circumstances they work under even though they are expected to protect the nation. He said as they have been moving around the country addressing meetings, they have met people who are hungry for notable change, saying they have promised them that the only change will be brought by the UDC government and not any other party.


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