Thursday, July 7, 2022

Teacher beaten by angry parents at Borwa CJSS

A Bokaa school teacher was allegedly beaten up by some angry parents for allegedly cutting off their children’s hair and taking off their shoes.

It is alleged that on Wednesday, a certain teacher cut off students’ hair using a pair of paper scissors. He is also alleged to have taken off their shoes during morning assembly time, claiming the shoes did not form part of the school uniform.

Talking to Sunday Standard, some of the students whose hair was cut by the teacher said that this was done in the assembly area, in full view of all the teachers and students. They explained that this was done solely because of the claim that they had combed their hair in hair styles that are not allowed in school.

“They told us that we had combed our hair in unacceptable hairstyles but we have always had these on,” said one of the victims.

Another student, who said that she was the first in line when their hair was being clipped, said they reported to their parents who were incensed and rushed to the school.

The students also said the matter was reported to the Mochudi Police Station “who were of no use as they came to the school and did nothing”.

“My mother was very angry but was not involved in the fight that broke out between the teacher and some of the parents. The police were not helpful either even though they came to the school; I think they just came because the matter had been reported to them. They did nothing; they just came and went back,” said the concerned student.

The students alleged that some of their colleagues’ shoes were also taken off because, apparently, they did not form part of the school uniform.

“This was unfair because all along we were told that if we had black shoes we could wear them in place of the normal school shoes because some of us cannot afford them. We do not know whether this has changed,” they said.

Reached for comment, the Deputy Head at Borwa CJSS denied knowledge of the issue saying she is unaware of such an issue and that she might not have been around at the time this happened.

“I am not in any way aware of the issue, maybe the school head knows something or I might have been out when that happened. I have not been informed that such a thing happened here. The school head might be the best person to confirm the issue,” she said.

The school head could not be reached for comment as she was not on the premises at the time Sunday Standard was at the school and even at the time of going to press, attempts to reach the school head proved futile.

The station commander at Mochudi Police Station, Nkape Kealotswe, stated that no docket had been opened on the issue.


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