Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Thabang Garogwe continues to shine

When one listens to Jazz artist Thabang Garogwe’s music, the first thing that comes to mind is the 35-year-old’s rich deep voice that somehow relaxes one’s soul. His music is a distinctive sound which comprises of ancient Tswana rhythms successfully fused with modern beats. Garogwe sings about healing, love, patience, kindness and forgiveness. A kind of an artist whose true vision in life is to make human kind realise that there is more to life than meets the eye.

Although there have been scathing media reports on the musician, the talented singer has made it a point not to let these accusations break him but rather he said, they have somehow shaped him to be the man he is today. He strongly believes music is his calling. “I started singing at a tender age of 14. I grew up in church and as a result I was introduced to gospel music when I was small and it’s from this church choir that I saw my potential as a lead singer,” he said.

Garogwe explained that his family then encouraged him to perfect his craft so that he could share his talent with the rest of the world. He added that music for him is a real life story and it can only be expressed more clearly if a singer addresses issues that affect people in their day to day activities. “My music comforts, restores and even brings love where there was no hope. At my age, I believe I have so much experience and I am in a better place to offer advice where possible and I have been able to successfully do that through my music,” he said.

With three albums under his sleeve and awards to prove his worth, Garogwe is confident that he is still yet to give his fans more albums before he can call it quits. He further explains that the music business is a very complicated and complex route, for one to survive they have to be very strategic and skillful. “Skill is important, but it’s what you do with it that’s important, most musicians’ downfall is that they sing words or play notes but don’t say anything with them. They’re afraid that if they do, people will reject their message. If you want to be great you must get over being timid and throw your personality into your music,” he said.

He emphasised that when he sings he makes sure that he evokes feelings from people as his music is for the people. “I’m a singer songwriter and over the years I have managed to grow my fan base from only adults to a mixed age. When I write songs I make sure I cater for everyone such that everyone can relate to the message I am trying to point out,” he said.

As an artist, Garogwe admits that he does face a lot of challenges, including finance and piracy. “Instead of people buying our original CDs they rather prefer copying music from their friends. This makes us not to make a profit but rather a loss and this can deeply de-motivate one as an artist,” he said.

With so many Jazz artists in the music scenes these days, Garogwe said what keeps him going is the word of God. “From a very young age I have always turned to God when things are going bad or good for me. He is my healer and redeemer. I have put all my faith unto Him and as it stands He is the one guiding my career as a singer,” he said.

The future looks bright for this award winning artist as he revealed that he is currently working on his debut DVD which will be released doon.


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