Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Thapong slide show on “artworks through the use of fabric”

American artist, Victoria Greising, recently hosted a slide show of her artworks at Thapong Visual Arts Centre as part of a three-day workshop that took place last week from the 1-3 February.

As part of the presentation, Greising explained in detail how she made her artworks through the use of fabric as the workshop was taking place under the theme ‘Fabrics as an Art Medium “.

She explained that she was showcasing some of her studio collection works, which she did in 2007, adding that working in the studio is good for her as an artist because it accords her the opportunity to discover new things.

She said that it also gives her a chance to learn in the process if she fails to do something the first time around.

Greising said that there can never really be a standard definition of art because it varies from one person to the next.

She uses fabric such as curtains, sheets and clothing as the primary medium to come up with her artworks, which are unique and not the normal artworks. She says that when she uses clothing, she knows that “The clothing had a connection to an individual who used them before I could manipulate them and turn them into works of art”.

She described her works as Installation Art, which she defines as an art form that uses up more space than normal.

Greising said that the preparations for an artwork can take up to 5 months but the actual work on the product takes between three days to a week. She also talked in detail about the use of colour when working on an art piece and said that colour should have a transition and an artist should always be in a position to explain why she/he used a certain colour where they used it and why.

Greising states that inspiration comes quite easy because she has known about art for practically her whole life. She adds that is why she has been able to maintain a certain amount of originality as an artist.

In her artworks, Greising uses fabrics that have stains, holes and explores other mediums and techniques to make her unique art pieces. She says her art works offer temporality because it is going with the modern world where everything happens fast and is forever changing. She added that everything in life is temporary and nothing lasts forever.

Greising encourages artists to talk to each other and share ideas while thinking of new artistic possibilities.


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