Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The art of deception

There is an emerging pattern that defines MEKM; from deceiving SKIK, cajoling the opposition and trade unions in order to be seen to be an inclusive leader, impersonating Barack Obama, manipulating the media, elbowing Venson-Moitoi to embarking on Santa Claus politics of throwing money at problems in return for votes in October 2019 which smacks of deception, narcissism, ruthlessness and unbridled opportunism.

On the 1st April 2018, Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi (MEKM) was sworn in as the 5th president of Botswana, succeeding Seretse Khama Ian Khama (SKIK) as provided for in the constitution through automatic succession. Ian Khama had toured the country both bidding the nation farewell and introducing his chosen successor. Before the ink even dried, cracks started showing and total fall out ensued. The relationship irrevocably broke down after several public spats and when Venson-Moitoi, backed by Ian Khama publicly expressed her interest to contest against president MEK Masisi, the acrimony reached a boiling point.

In 2014, Ian Khama appointed Mokgweetsi Masisi his Vice President until March 2018, he ascended to presidency on the 1 April 2018. As VP, he was not impactful other than defending and promoting Ian Khama’s and his pet projects and faking unwavering support to the man and his government. When he became president through automatic succession dispensation he immediately came out of his cocoon land and showed his true colors; bashing and admonishing the man and what he stood for.

MEKM, pretended to support Ian Khama when he in fact did not. His was a ploy to hold on to the Vice Presidency which would catapult him to presidency automatically, he succeeded. In other words, for about four years MEKM was earning a salary as VP while not fully discharging his mandate as the chief adviser of the president. During that period, he withheld his advice in order to exploit his weaknesses and ingratiate himself to the general populace as it became evident in his first 365 days in office, this irked Khama. MEKM clearly masters the art of deception as it would later appear in his plagiarized speech in Kang.

BDP held its special congress for the purpose of electing a party president as per its constitution. President Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi, who ascended to the Presidency after his challenger Venson-Moitoi pulled out of the race citing unfair treatment and rigged election, delivered his infamous speech which contained the same words that were said by the then president of USA in 2008 without referencing, let alone acknowledging the source, thus plagiarizing, as later the BDP communication chair apologized.

The plagiarizing scam didn’t start nor end with the Kang speech, that was only meant to be the climax of a man who was to be Barack Obama reincarnate, unfortunately nature conspired against an imposter who had started a grand plan of impersonation the moment he was appointed the Vice President, if not earlier not only in speech but in every aspect. His handlers started long time back tinkering with his image to prepare him to be not only like him but also to be his replica only in a different setting, the same way an actor would do to fit a script.

MEKM didn’t only plagiarize Barack Obama’s speech, the dream referred to was one that was epitomized by the Malcom X, Martin Luther King and many other who envisioned a slave free, nonracial & inclusive America led by persons elected on merit, it is the hallmark of the Black American’s struggle. The same, by any stretch of imagination, cannot be extrapolated to Botswana. Can MEKM, for example who presided over a divided BDP congress (with Venson-Moitoi faction pained), whose ascension to party presidency was controversial and divisive cannot speak of a dream come true even at party level, has the dream of Batswana who are not necessarily BDP members as represented by PG Matante, Daniel Kwele, Michael Dingake, Bathoeng Gaseitsewe, Motsai Mpho, Kenneth Koma, Duma Boko, Dumelang Saleshando, Ndaba Gaolathe et all been realized, how so?

MEKM didn’t not only commit academic fraud but also spoke to an idea whose time is yet to come, is out he is out of step, out of tune and blatantly mischievous and unprecedented deception or rather revelation of a man who is not only unhappy with himself but who also harbors unstatesmanlike intentions to do anything and everything to gain political power, even if he hurts, destroys or even commits academic theft in the process, if only to feed his ego and fulfill his ambitions.


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