Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The BDP is suffering from postnatal depression

Many commentators have been advising the leaders of the newly formed Botswana Movement for Democracy to do away with “Khama this, Khama that.”

Instead, according to political analysts, BMD leaders should now concentrate their efforts on selling their party manifesto and show cause why the nation must look at their party as an alternative to the BDP.

While I agree that the BMD members should focus their energies and resources on luring and recruiting the electorates to their corner, I just don’t see how that can be achieved without mentioning Khama.

I mean, it’s no secret the BMD was formed because of Ian Khama and I don’t see why people should not be bold about it.

I always listen to BMD leaders having difficulties answering whether the BMD was formed because of personal differences with Khama or not.

Ask me right now why I switched allegiance from the BDP in favour of the BMD and I will, without hesitation, tell you it’s all because of Ian Khama.

The BMD leaders should not shy away from telling the nation that they left the BDP because Khama has personalized the party, an institution he was only supposed to lead, democratically.
Of course they should not trivialize issues but they must show the nation the other side of Ian Khama which many Batswana are not aware of.

People need to be told that Khama abhors divergent views and this is why he spends most of his time criss-crossing between Dikgotla in rural areas where all his directives are received with deafening ululations of approval, without any whisper of dissent.

People need to be told that Khama doesn’t like interacting with urbanites because most of them stayed longer at school and are well versed on matters of democracy.

Unlike our grandparents, we know very well that Khama is not God-sent.
We know that as a nation we are the master while he should be our servant, something that he has since turned the other way round.

We have the right to question the way Khama leads us because he occupies that office at our behest.
It would of course be trivial and uncalled for were I to ask Khama to get rid of his afro hairstyle or even question his bachelorhood but it would be appropriate of me to ask Khama to order Isaac Kgosi and his DIS agents to liberate us.

There’s no way you can mention the BDP or government without making reference to Khama as head of both party and the State. The bug stops with him. In the same vein, I cannot mention DIS and leave out Isaac Kgosi.

Perceived or real, DIS has brought more harm than good to this country. Let me be brutally honest and state that, it is partly because of DIS that I do not enjoy Khama’s presidency. They will deny it but it is crystal clear the DIS was formed not necessarily for national security but for Khama’s personal security.

It is glaringly clear the DIS is all out to sniff Khama’s political opponents. To them, political opponents are enemies. If they had their way, there would be no opposition to Khama in this country. This organ is a complete waste of taxpayers’ money.

It’s appalling that the DIS can waste so much money to follow a non-entity like me around, just because I write a column which is unapologetic to Khama.

These are the people who are supposed to be intelligent enough to realize I pose no threat to national security but they choose to be so stupid as to follow me from Gaborone to Maun just to see who I meet and what we say.

DIS is partly to blame for the breakup in the BDP because they feed Khama with information that makes him believe he has enemies within the party.

I have no doubt the BDP would not have split were it not for Ian Khama’s attitude which is largely influenced by his bootlickers, a group of self seeking people who, sadly, include the DIS personnel.

If DNA tests were to be carried out on BMD the results would obviously point to Khama as the man who conceived this baby called the BMD. Factions have existed in the BDP for as long as the party itself but Khama’s predecessors treaded with care and used all the protection possible to avoid a situation where the BDP would give birth to an offspring.

Now Khama has allowed the baby to be born and signs are the BDP is now suffering from postnatal depression. It is becoming worse by the day and it’s so scary the party is on suicidal mode.
Ms Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi is reported to have assembled a battalion of “friends of the BDP” to come to the rescue. The question is whether these “nannies” will be able to handle baby BMD who appears to have been born with fully fledged set of teeth.

Someone was suggesting I should just give up, leave the BDP and Khama alone. This person is missing out on something very important. Whether I leave the BDP or not is immaterial because Khama would still remain my president regardless of my political affiliation or my silence.
He is the president of my country and the only time I can leave him alone is when he leaves my country alone.

Yet another of my friends was saying he foresees a situation where the BMD will be just another BDP.

Her argument is, since the BMD is an offspring of the BDP then the party will be a replica of the BDP. I beg to differ. The BMD draft constitution is already out and it has closed all the gaping holes found in the BDP constitution which put the leader at par with God.

In fact, in the BDP for you to make it into politics and eventually cabinet, you have to pray to the president more than you pray to God. I don’t understand why it should be a given that the BMD will carry itself out like the BDP when it has been proven that offsprings do not always follow in the steps of their parents.

Examples are awash. I am the direct opposite of my parents. Ian Khama is the direct opposite of his father, the late Seretse Khama. He does things totally different from the way his late father did. Whereas Ian is said to be quick to buy into gossip, his father was said to be one person who abhorred back-biting.

When you went and told him that Sonny had made some distasteful remarks about him, he would not rush to hug and reward you with a cabinet or council seat and treat you as the one more trustworthy and loyal.

Instead, I’m told, he would summon both the reporter and the reported and ask you to repeat the allegations you would have made. This made it difficult for sycophants and back-biters to try and curry favour with the president at the expense of other people.

Now with Ian Khama the situation is totally different. I cannot understand what makes Khama so paranoid. It would seem being a career soldier, he is always convinced he has enemies all over. Instead of looking for enemies beyond the border, he tries hard to find them here. You even wonder if it is true he carries a pistol on his hip wherever he goes.

I fully understand how frustrating it must be for Khama to be the one dismantling his father’s party but when we wrote and tried to advise Khama to avoid taking factional sides, we were dismissed as Khama bashers and haters.

Now look what is happening to the once mighty BDP. The BDP is in tatters. Khama is not sure who to listen to. Who to trust. Who to believe. Sycophants are having a field day. They are now playing him like a yoyo.

Khama asked for sabbatical leave even before he could occupy his political seat back in 1998. I say if ever Khama needed leave, he definitely needs it now. Infact if I were Khama I would relinquish my position as party and state president, for the sake of the two institutions and personal integrity.

Khama should prove that he is not a dictator by saving his integrity because dictators do not care much about integrity for as long as they are in power they will not be bothered by the noise we make.

So Seretse Khama Ian Khama (SKI) should just ski out of the presidency and save his party, country and integrity.

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