Monday, September 21, 2020

The courage to win

Everyone thought they were crazy. It had never been done. Everyone who tried to do it had failed.
“What are you trying?” they asked them. Give up, you are intelligent young men, why don’t you find something more sensible upon which you can apply your minds? Man will never fly, they were told because man is essentially heavier than air.

Yet the Wright brothers refused to listen, they refused to give up even when the best scientific minds of their time told them that their dream was an impossible dream.
At that time the Wright brothers did not find much support for their dreams, they faced many challenges just like you have your own share of challenges today.

In fact the challenges that you face today, as you move through life, are not terribly different from the challenges that confronted the Wright Brothers a little over a century ago.
Perhaps the most serious obstacle they confronted in their quest for manned flight was not insufficient scientific theory, or lack of technological know-how.

But rather, it was the pervasive belief throughout society that “it can’t be done.” You see at the time it was a generally accepted theory within scientific circles that man will never be capable of manned flight.┬á

While it is well known today, that it was the Wright brothers who invented the first manned flight, what most people don’t know is that:┬á it was the Wright Brothers’ own father, Bishop Wright, who during a sermon in 1890, eloquently expounded on the fact that the Second Coming of Christ was at-hand, because nearly everything God had sent man to earth to do was done.

In response, a member of his congregation jumped up and said that it wasn’t true because someday man would fly. Bishop Wright denounced such thinking with an answer his sons heard often: “If God had meant man to fly, he would have given him wings.”

This was the background against which Orville and Wilber found themselves, yet they didn’t listen to people who told them “it can’t be done.” Instead, they listened to their own instincts and beliefs that told them, “it can be done,” and they would show the world how! Their belief was unconditional and they kept at it day and night for years until they had a breakthrough.

What Bishop Wright didn’t know was that in 1903, his very own sonsÔÇö Orville and Wilber ÔÇô would conclude their years of research and design, making the first powered flight by man in a heavier-than-air machine possible. These great attempts and the eventual successful testament to the Wright Brothers’ single-minded persistence were made in the face of enormous adversity and doubt, ÔÇö including that of their own father.

The Wright Brothers surmounted incredible obstacles and succeeded ÔÇö not because they were luckier or smarter than you and me but because they believed in themselves and their dreams.

A positive mental attitude, fueled with hard work and perseverance, are in my opinion and from what I have learnt what propel great men to succeed in any endeavor of their choosing.

My question to you is what could you achieve if only you stopped listening to people that are telling you it can’t be done. What is your heart telling you to do that everybody else is telling you it cannot be done?

Just as the Wright Brothers believed in themselves and in the possibility of their dream, you, as the champion of your dreams, must also have faith in your dreams, your own abilities to make them happen, and above all in all the goodness they can bring.

If you consider that in the past 100 years man has been able to fly, not to mention put a man on the surface of the moon. Things that were at one point considered out of question and impossible, then you might want to redefine what you term impossible.

I believe that what we have achieved in the first century of manned flight will be dwarfed by what you will achieve in this new millennium.

I am convinced that it is not a question of how much you know, but rather of how you use what you know.

It is not a question of what you’ve acquired and how you’ve been trained, but of what you are prepared to do.” Well then my friend, I suppose this means that hard work is the price of success, and you’ve got to roll up your sleeves and break a mental sweat if you truly want to succeed. The road to success is only achieved, however, through a clear and strong purpose.
Nothing can ever take its place.

Only you can decide your exact purpose, no one can do it for you. Then, prepare yourself for hard work and have the determination and courage to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.
With the right attitude, even the greatest obstacles can be overcome. The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is taking the first baby step, and then another baby step and yet another baby step after that. That is why there is an old saying that; “There’s only one way to eat an elephant,” and that is: “one bite at a time.”

Well that my friend, that is what winning is all about; its about setting goals that will take you to where you have never gone before. Don’t look at a job you have been given and say, “It can’t be done.” Instead divide that job into “bite-sized” chunks, and you will quickly realize that, “It CAN be done.”

So, take risks . . . reach out and push yourself to new heights and keep moving your frontiers.
Of course you will inevitably face disappointments, and you will also come to face to face with failure and tragedy, but in the midst of it all just remember…failure is never fatal. It’s not the obstacles you face that will determine your success ÔÇö it’s how you overcome them. The biggest enemy you will ever face is yourself, once you can get to keep your defeatist attitudes on check then you will be paving your own road to success.

Always remind yourselves – – that for every door that closes, another door will open.┬á Those will be your moments of destiny, and when you come to such a point in life, your primary responsibility will be to open the right door – and many times that takes a hard push, persistence and the refusal to accept defeat.

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