Sunday, July 3, 2022

The Healer

As a Christian, I live a very privileged life. Whatever I ask for in prayer, believing I have received it, it is mine! (Mark 11:24). The power of a believer is limitless; and it’s available for us to use at any time.

This week, I received miracles in several areas of my life. I will focus on one in particular: my healing. For weeks, I’d been suffering from heart palpitations and physically, I was very uncomfortable. I resolved to see a doctor and have it dealt with once and for all.

No sooner had I made the decision, that very evening, as I was relaxing at home in front of the T.V., did a famous televangelist come on. He was preaching about the power of the blood of Jesus. At the end of the broadcast, he began to pray for people; and as he spread his hands out in front of the T.V. screen, he encouraged people to lay their hands on his as a sign of agreement with him. He also began to call out conditions that were being healed.

To my utter shock and amazement, a few minutes into the prayer, he said, “there’s a lady who’s being healed of a heart condition.” At that very moment, something lifted off my chest and I experienced immediate relief. I was instantly healed!

I’m almost ashamed to admit that I used to watch such programmes and think that the pastor was making up both the conditions, and the people concerned, to boost his own ratings. That is, until I was healed!

Words can’t quite express the feeling I had (and still do)! That night, I took great, deep breaths, just for the fun of it! I went to bed smiling; and thanking God that I could sleep on either side of my body and not have difficulty breathing.

The moment I was healed, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God loved me beyond all description and comprehension. He loves you too. “He’s counted every hair on your head; and He’s aware of what you need even before you ask Him for it” (Matthew 10:30, 6:8). God is acutely interested in every detail of your life; and your well-being is his primary concern. He’s waiting to act on your behalf ÔÇô only believe.

God is the most powerful resource you have at your disposal. What’s more, He’s easily and freely accessible ÔÇô He lives right inside you! When you call on God, He’ll go before you and “level the mountains; he will make the crooked places straight.” (Isaiah 45:2). Whichever area of your life needs healing, ask today, in Jesus’ name. It will be done for you!

After my heart condition got healed, as soon as my eyes opened the following morning, my mind went back to it to check if I really was healed. It was like I doubted that Jesus could heal me, just because he loved me. But he did.

I was like Dr. Matsietsa, who despite God’s love for him, lived in perpetual fear for his life. He believed that someone wanted to kill him.

One weekend, Dr. Matsietsa took his dog, Daisy, and went hunting. As luck would have it, he made a nice kill. He shot a few wild rabbits and some guinea fowl to boot; and he took them all home and asked his wife to prepare a nice stew for supper.

The food looked delectable! Feeling generous, Dr. Matsietsa gave Daisy a good helping, then sat down to his feast. Afterwards, he took a short nap on the sofa.

About an hour later, he awoke to sounds of sharp yelping coming from the yard. He rushed outside to see what the problem was. There, foaming at the mouth, was his beloved Daisy! She appeared to be fighting for her very life!

“They finally got me!” Dr. Matsietsa said to himself. Without a word to anyone, he drove himself to the hospital. By the time he arrived, he could hardly breathe.

He burst into the emergency room. “Doctor, I’ve been poisoned” he screamed! The doctor took one look at Dr. Matsietsa and he showed all the symptoms of having being poisoned: he was sweating profusely; was unsteady on his feet and his speech was barely intelligible. He ordered the nurses to pump his stomach; and after a good two hours, Dr. Matsietsa began to show signs of revival. He was discharged the following day and he drove home to confront his wife.

Upon his arrival, he found his family anxiously waiting for him. “Where’ve you been” they demanded? Before he could shoot back, he glanced over to the corner of the yard where he’d left Daisy, expecting to see her carcass. But what he saw instead shocked him!

He saw a gorgeous litter of puppies! What he’d assumed had been Daisy’s last breaths, had actually been signs of birth! And his own fear had been so strong, that he’d manifested signs of poisoning in his own body!

Many of us are like Dr. Matsietsa. We have an irrational fear of things that Christ has already saved us from. Whatever situation you may be facing, God can heal it ÔÇô “by His stripes, you are healed” (Isaiah 53:5).

Perhaps your marriage needs healing; or your career. Maybe you’re confused about the direction you should take – did you try asking God? He can open doors for you that no man can shut, so cast your burden on him today.

Jesus is the ultimate healer.

To illustrate this point, the late English Bible teacher, Smith Wigglesworth, used to tell this story of two women, who were travelling on a train with him. They looked very sick, so Wigglesworth said to them, “I’ve got something in this bag that will cure every disease in the world. It’s never been known to fail.”

The women looked interested, so the minister told them about his “remedy.” When they finally asked for a dose, he opened the bag, took out his Bible, and read them the verse that says, “I am the Lord that healeth thee” (Exodus 15:26).

Jesus heals! Only ask; and believe; and you will receive!

Make it a great week!

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