Thursday, September 28, 2023

The love of a scarf

With temperatures dropping beyond normal this beautiful winter season, people are surely bound to feel cold and shiver more than usual. 

It is essential to keep warm by wearing warm clothing akin to polo-necks or turtle-necks and accessories such as scarves, gloves and beanies to prevent catching a cold or flu while still looking pretty much fashionable.  

A scarf is a piece of clothing made by different materials ranging from cotton, wool, silk or a mixture of fabric designed to keep the neck, head and shoulders  warm as well as protecting your neck from the sun. 

People have taken to the prospect of wearing scarves on another level locally at various institutions such as offices, different occasions like weddings parties to keep up with an appearance that will not only enhance their looks but also benefit their health to a large margin. 

Wame Moloi a massage therapist noted that: “I wear scarves when I go out to different occasions such as funerals because of tradition and weddings to look rather stylish.” 

Despite feeling extremely cold, the winter season has its advantages which can be attributed to the gatherings brought about by born fires, braai’s and homemade family soups. During these occasions people wear their scarves to flaunt them as they supplement a sense of style particularly when the scarf has colour or is attractive.

There are numerous ways one can wear a scarf such as the drape, which you put it over your neck leaving it loose by not tying the ends. 

There is the European knot, where you fold the scarf in half, while taking the ends in the bend/whole and pulling it. 

The reasons of wearing a scarf boils down to two; being the function which keeps you warm and for fashion, for looking stylish. 

Scarves have health benefits which help prevent pains in the shoulders, aches and colds. They offer warmth along with the protection of the neck and chest region, while it is also used to cover up the face (nose and mouth) from the cold temperatures whilst granting warm air to the lungs. 

It also improves blood circulation by lessening aches in the neck and shoulder region. Scarves treat neck arthritis and lumber spinal stenosis. 

Moloi also highlighted that: “Scarves are essential to me because they reduce any chances of catching a cold and it also reduces pain and stiffness as I cannot afford to be weak when I attend to my clientele.”

A lot of people can be seen with a variety of scarf shapes such as the infinity scarf or loop scarf which is a scarf which has a closed loop without any loose ends on it. The pashmina scarf is a long and wide rectangular scarf coupled with long, twisted tussles at each end while there is also the rectangle, neckerchief and square scarf shapes.


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