Sunday, May 29, 2022

The Problems Today’s Househusbands Face

Today’s women are no longer those docile individuals who were relegated to the homestead where they toiled bare footed in the kitchen. It is undoubtedly not easy to run a house hold. Many men have in the past doubted and taken lightly the amount of time and effort it takes to cope. Traditionally, men have been reluctant to help women with the children and other house hold chores.

Of recent, many men realised that financially independent, nagging ladies respond well to their better halves taking a proactive interest in them. Until today, men seem quite comfortable and have suddenly realised their dormant potential and that it is in their capability to take over literally, as the main caretakers for their homesteads. You see, men are naturally predators. They are hunters and poachers, always on the lookout for some lady to tame. Men simply want women to need them and they definitely want to depend on women to look after them.

Some men have, however, turned the tables to looking after the house while their women continue working. With regard to playing and fulfilling an unconventional role, Batswana house husbands in return get disapproval from other guys, especially from amongst relatives and associated male friends. Imagine getting home to the wonderful smell of your husband’s cooking and finest culinary arts. Where he even runs you a hot bubbly bath, scrubs your back and heel cracks with steel wool. Picture an instance you find him ironing and neatly folding up the rest of the laundry and supervising well bathed children in pyjamas whilst they do their homework.

Generally, if there is ever any, househusbands are rejected and therefore isolated as women feel threatened by them and, as such, they are reluctant to include them in children afternoon activities at cr├¿ches and primary schools. Some women even go as far as calling them names! As fathers, men are not by any way accepted as equals in the child care industry. Not even referred to as good baby sitters, they are even denied credit of how well they cope. Since men are so sensitive to criticism and somehow feel that they are alienated and unaccepted in society, they tend to work even harder to gain genuine recognition as a dividend. Besides the fact that in our society men are raised to be masculine and become breadwinners for their respectful families. It’s a double edged blade.

On the other hand the typical independent working woman is, however, ever willing to support her husband and highly welcome this gesture. But some guys blow this whole set up for them. They end up spoiling the show and shooting themselves on the leg in the process. In simple terms they become self-destructive. They coerce their loving women to give them money, and then use the money to wine and dine their small houses. The wife would be generous enough to throw you her car keys and some cash, so that you can go out and stage and gig it up with your pals.

She may definitely and most gladly cater for all your worries and personal shortcomings. The problem is when the man now starts becoming a big baby. Busy picking up other chicks and bragging to them, telling them big lies whilst driving around in her car, blasting loud music whilst the wife is busy at work under the pretext of going to pick up the children at school or going to the farm.

Even worse, it even becomes a bigger problem if she finds out and gets hurt if the children willingly go to their father after a big argument or dramatic quarrel when in need of comfort.
This, together with continuously or rather persistently and professionally being away from home and from the children, may lead to her being resentful and unable to support. House husbands are definitely bound to meet these problems.


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