Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Road ahead…

The festive season has just ended and what matters now is where we are heading.
Life should move on.

I hope you have drafted your New Year resolutions, which I believe should be guided by your past experiences.

Don’t worry if things did not go well for you in 2010 or before, you still have a splendid time to change your life and make it better. In life we come across good and bad experiences, and while sometimes we learn a little from the good ones, we always learn a lot from the bad ones!
One thing that you need as a person is to feel that you have the power over your life, the things you do in life and how you want your future to be. You need to define clear life goals to achieve this!

When you set your goals, don’t forget your Health. It is essential to think, plan and live a healthy life. There are some challenges of course, but that’s how life is. The power is in your hands. No one can change your future but yourself.

We usually play a role in things that happen to us in life. We often call these problems and we tend to give up to them and then weep, commit suicide or murder or just blame!

With proper introspection you can never blame anyone or circumstances for things that happen to you, because somehow you play a part. So look forward and beyond 2011, change the way you do things and manage your health and life.

Say no to denial and cope well
An uncontrollable chronic illness that has made you suffer can actually be brought under control if you believe you can help your healthcare providers. If denial has been a limiting factor, don’t worry you can still benefit from psychological counseling. This helps you to understand your inner self, reality, things you can change in life and those that you can’t change. Chronic diseases always defeat mankind when there is denial or poor adherence to the set management plan. Arrange for more counseling sessions, understand your illness and beat it!

Don’t ever forget. Every individual in life needs social support. This is often provided by your partner, parents, friends and relatives. Many folks tend to disown their support structures when life is still good, and when things become tough they have no one to support them. So please take this advice seriously.

Get a medical screen
Some of us have never been screened for any illness. Anyway, what will push you to seek medical advice or do any medical screen when you are not feeling any symptom? This is what many people always think.

The truth is not all illnesses present with symptoms. Some tend to be silent and only present at advanced stages or with signs of damage to vital body structures like the kidney, eyes, liver, heart or brain.

This is what high blood pressure, diabetes and ‘fat related disorders’ like high blood cholesterol levels tend to do. So it is important to know your blood pressure, blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels from time to time.

Certain illnesses tend to present with worrying symptoms when they are already in advanced stages. This applies to cancers like that of the breast, cervix, intestine, prostate and others.

However, these cancers tend to show early signs which can easily be ignored or be mistaken for something else. This is why screening is very important! Women should regularly do breast self examinations , get examined by a doctor who can also order some important investigations of the breast, and do PAP smear to rule out signs of a developing cancer of the cervix.

Young adult men should always ensure that they get screened for testicular cancer.

They should always ensure that both testes are present in the scrotum because an undescended testis can cause problems later in life. Mothers should check the small boys and seek medical help if they notice any missing testis.

Men over 40 should always ensure that they get screened for prostate problems, including cancer, especially if there is a positive family history. Your doctor will also advice you on any other important test that you can do.

Your lifestyle is important
Some lifestyle practices are responsible for our deteriorating health at times. Tobacco smoking, drug use and excessive alcohol intake can destroy your body. It’s not late, act now and change the habits. Like I have said earlier, the power is in your hands, you just need to know that none but yourself can either build or destroy your own life.

Tobacco smoke contains harmful poisons and these destroy blood vessels and some are known to cause cancer. The effect of alcohol on the liver can take time, and the fact that one does not experience anything now does not mean nothing is happening to the liver.

We should also not forget that HIV is a reality and that we should be responsible for stopping the spread, the suffering and stigma.

Let 2011 be a wonderful year for you!

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