Monday, April 22, 2024

Thoughts + Feeling = Your Reality

About a week ago, I was involved in a road traffic accident. Not a serious fender bender, just a minor accident that nonetheless got me thinking: if it’s true that we create our reality, then how did I create this?

I meditate daily and try to keep my mind focused on the positive, so what went wrong?

If I’m being honest, I know what happened. I was involved in a discussion about politics with my brother, a passenger in the car. This isn’t to say that politics is a negative topic but, let’s face it, it’s rare to have a discussion about it and remain entirely positive.

During our talk, I could feel a knot forming in my stomach, a clear tell-tale sign that I was focusing on something that was not joyful. Yet I couldn’t help it ÔÇô my brother is a smart and engaging conversationalist. He’s also a practising lawyer so most of our discussions go from intelligent and constructive to needing to have the other accept our viewpoint.

While I was immersed in this conversation that wasn’t making me feel good, I was aware of the potential havoc it could wreak in my life. But needing to prove a point got the better of me. I persisted and quickly discovered my mistake; I rear-ended a beautiful Alfa Romeo that was in front of me.

Was I focused on a having a road traffic accident? Absolutely not, but my mind was painting a rather grim scenario of how our country could be negatively impacted by political events. While there’re many things to look at and feel positive about in Botswana, for some reason, I was drawn to the negative. I have the results to prove it.

The fact is, when you focus your thoughts on something, whether it’s wanted or unwanted, you draw it into your life. If your thoughts are accompanied by intense feelings, that speeds up your creation. We create our reality, no exceptions.

When you think about something you don’t want and feel bad about it you attract it, or something like it, into your life. The same is true if you’re thinking of something you do want. Anytime you find an excuse to feel good, by focusing on positive thoughts, or focusing on no thought through meditation, you move closer to letting what you want into your life.

What you think and feel; and what manifests in your physical reality are always a perfect match. If you want to understand the balance of your thoughts and the extent to which they’re positive or negative, simply examine the content of the reality you’re living and it will give you an accurate picture. If you don’t like what you’ve created, change what you’re focused upon.

Many thoughts pass through our minds daily and trying to monitor them to see if they’re positive or negative is not very effective. It’s far easier to monitor the way we feel. If you feel good, you’re moving towards even more things to feel good about; whereas if you feel bad, you’re attracting something that won’t feel good once it enters your life.

You don’t need to worry about every stray negative thought that’s ever entered your mind; fortunately, we’re all protected by the buffer of time. But if you have been negatively focused, it’s never too late to start tipping the balance of your thoughts to the positive.

Sometimes, we may feel like we have been positively focused and yet are still attracting unwanted things into our experience. So what’s going wrong?

It’s difficult to go through life experiencing only those things that we do want. We’d be bored if we did. We live in a world where we have shared experiences with other people; and we won’t like everything about those experiences. We may not like everything about our colleagues, our work situation or even our spouse, but if we learn to quickly divert our attention from the negative, such experiences are the very means through which we grow.

It works like this: when we know what we don’t want, we also know what we do want. If we practice immediately turning our attention to what we do want, we overcome our negative emotions with positive ones and start drawing what we want into our lives.

For example, if someone is rude to you, use it to think about the experience you would rather have, which may include people who are kinder, or great service in general. Don’t use one incident as an excuse to dredge up every moment of bad service you’ve ever had. Start imagining and expecting the best and pretty soon, you’ll begin having those ‘exceptional’ service experiences.

Since my accident happened, I’m focused on the fact that no one was injured; that the damage to the vehicles was minimal; and the sheer helpfulness and professionalism of the police who attended the scene – anything to make me feel good.

Cultivate good feeling thoughts about every area of your life. There’s no greater thrill than seeing something in your mind, feeling good about it and then watching it come into place.

Practice thinking about what you want not because you’re desperate to draw it into your life, but because it makes you feel good. The way you feel affects your vibration; and your vibration affects what you attract into your life. Thought + Feeling = Your Reality; always.

The most successful people always say, “I’ve dreamed of this since I was little. I used to practice with the hairbrush pretending it was a microphone.” They had fun doing this. So it really doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks, about anything. It only matters what you think.

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “the most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe?” Whatever you decide, you’re right.

Your future is taking shape right now. What kind of universe do you live in?


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