Saturday, November 26, 2022

Three ‘priests’ charged for swindling desperate businessman

Three Bible punching con artists, all residents of Broadhurst and charged with obtaining by false pretences, were on Friday released from prison where they had spent 14 days as remand prisoners.
The three con-men, Kagiso Lesole, 28, Thabang Sechotlho, 27, and William Boroboko, 45, told the court that they were church goers and were released from prison because the complainant, Thapelo Calvin Sediegeng, had decided not to pursue the case further.

Sediegeng withdrew the case after one of the accused’s relatives approached him on their behalf and pleaded with him. Sediegeng had also recovered his money.

He had earlier told the Extension II principal magistrate, Dumsile Faith Dlamini-Ng’andu, that on April 11, 2007 at New Naledi, the trio approached him purporting to be priests with powers not only to increase money but also to make business flourish. Owning a sluggish business, Sediegeng fell into the trap.

The ‘priests’ told him they were to pray for the money in a bid to stimulate his business. He put his P6 500 wrapped in papers inside a plastic bag as ordered by the ‘priests’. During the session, one of the accused asked for drinking water.

Sediegeng believes it was at this point when he was absent that the accused persons took his money.
Having prayed for the ‘money’, the three promised to return and open the plastic bag. Smelling a rat, Sediegeng opened the plastic.

“I was greeted by a bunch of papers,” he told the court.

Asked by the magistrate if ever his business experienced a financial boom, Sediegeng responded with a big no.

Ng’andu then asked the three if they indeed have such powers to either increase people’s money or make the business boom and the trio replied in the negative.

Ng’andu wondered why, despite the police call to refrain from such dubious endeavors, the public continues to fall prey.


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