Friday, January 22, 2021

Thugs kill another victim along Orapa-Francistown road

Thugs who prawl the notorious Francistown-Orapa road have killed yet another victim.

Tatitown Police have reported that they are investigating a case in which a man was found dead with serious stab wounds at Makgaba settlements near Mokubilo.

Superintendent Ofalotse Baakile said on Friday that the 49-year-old Serowe man was discovered by a passerby on Wednesday morning. The police suspect that the man was murdered as he had stab wounds on the neck and the head. Apparently the man was attacked while waiting for relief from his relatives after his car broke down. A relative whom he was traveling with had returned to Letlhakane to collect spares and repair equipment after the breakdown.

He decided to spend the night there and, on returning the next morning, was hit with the tragic news that his relative had been murdered. Baakile said on Friday that police are working around the clock to apprehend the suspects, adding that no arrests have been made so far.

Early last year four Zimbabwean illegal immigrants murdered a 46-year-old Debswana mine employee. Her body was found by the roadside next to her Isuzu van.

Apparently, the suspects set a trap for the woman which culminated with her car getting a puncture. When she came out to investigate they pounced on her and hacked her to death with an axe, making away with a number of valuables among them a cell phone and some money.

The suspects were later apprehended by the police with the bounty still in their possession. The killers are still in police custody. Superintendent Baakile told The Sunday Standard that the suspects have been committed to the High Court and their trial will start soon.

The Sunday Standard also has unconfirmed reports that a woman escaped death last week when an assailant threatened her with a gun while she was traveling to Orapa. While Baakile could not confirm or deny the incident, reliable sources have indicated that the woman arrived at the Orapa gate in tenterhooks reporting that a man had tried to highjack her car and apparently threatened to shoot her if she did not stop.


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