Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Top state lawyer dies in a mysterious car accident

Palapye Police are investigating a fatal accident in which head of Public Prosecution at Palapye, Senior Counsel, Mosweu Ditodi died in what seems to be a mysterious car accident on Saturday night at approximately 1945hours.

The cause of the accident is not yet known but police preliminary investigations reveal that Ditodi was alone when his car veered off the road and rolled over until he died on the spot.

Palapye Police, Traffic Officer, Sub inspector Phemelo Mpaleng, said the deceased was travelling from Mahalapye to Palapye and the accident occurred between Martins Drift and Makoro Veterinary gate.

He said the 39-year-old had paid his nephew a visit in Mahalapye and his life was cut short while returning to his place of abode.

‘’The last information we received is that he was coming from visiting his nephew in Mahalapye. He was driving a Madza 6 to his house in Palapye on Saturday night. We suspect that something could have distracted him or he was feeling fatigued and could not control his car to a point where he lost control of it until it rolled over.
Although we are not medical officers, we could see that he was dead. He was certified dead upon arrival at the hospital,” said Mpaleng.

Sub Inspector Mpaleng could not rule out other factors such as over speeding adding that investigations on the matter are still ongoing to determine the cause of the accident.

Mpaleng said “it is very difficult to say, maybe the accident occurred due to over speeding because he was alone in the car and there was no one who was behind him or upfront who witnessed the accident happening.”

Ditodi was a senior counsel at DPP and had been prosecuting high profile case’s notably the recent case in the corruption case against Minister of Trade and Industry, Vincent Seretse and his co-accused businessman Paul Paledi of BDP.

Seretse won the case against the State as some two witnesses who were lined up to testify on the matter could not show up as one died mysteriously while the other witness went to his country of origin, Sweden.

During the trial dates, Ditodi was still based in Palapye and had to come all the way to Gaborone to prosecute in the case.


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