Monday, May 23, 2022

Torture of high heels…if feet could scream!

I got a better understanding of women and their love for shoes after watching the movie, In Her Shoes, when Rose Feller said to her sister, ”Clothes never look any good… food just makes me fatter… shoes always fit.”

I know many women with closets full of high-heeled shoes that they never wear; they might try them on and walk around the house in them from time to time but that’s all.

You see, a high-heeled shoe is what a fast car with a powerful engine is for a man. It it is power, control and all about ego.

Growing up, every young girl has gotten into trouble by walking into their mothers bedroom and played dress up with her mother’s heels and painted herself into a clown with her mother’s make up. As a girl you know you are becoming a young lady when you pick your first pair of high heels and your mother doesn’t try to talk you out of it.

Many women will admit to the fact that high heels are uncomfortable and a pain to walk in; more often than not, they carry an extra pair of flats in their cars or handbags because not many can wear them the whole day. The higher the heel the more uncomfortable to walk in and the more appealing they are. I will admit that not all heels are uncomfortable but mostly they are a nightmare and they are just torture to feet.

Studies over the years have revealed that prolonged wearing of high heels can injure the feet, knees and the back. Wearing heels all the time can result in bunions, corns, calluses, shortening of the Achilles tendon, ankle fractures and nerve damage, but we still love them as women. So what is it with women and high heels?

High heels have a way of boosting your confidence in a way that nothing else can, especially if you know how to walk them proper. A simple outfit is transformed into something amazing when you add a pair of heels to it.

High heels make women not only feel confident but also self-assured and they help them stand out from the crowd.

An article in Today Style, Laura T. Coffe writes that wearing high heels can have both a negative and positive impact in your career. She writes that they can boost your career by transforming you into a confident, strident force to be reckoned with but they can also hamper your career by putting too much emphasis on your sex appeal rather than your brains.

Therefore it is very important for us to know which heels are suitable for which occasion and location, because you want to look appropriate for every place and situation you are in and not send any wrong signals.

It has been suggested that the ideal heel height to wear for eight to 10 hours a day is about 2› inches and you can wear your 4 inches and higher when you go out.

High heels are not just shoes. Like make up, most women do not wear them as a way of attracting attention from men or anyone else for that matter. They are more than that, they are a tool women use to accentuate their femininity and feel good about themselves, because it’s true ‘when you look good, you feel good and you do good’.

That is why even in Botswana we have movements like the stiletto walk, where women go on a sponsored walk for a cause or against an issue that is pressing against women. It can be anything from cancer, gender empowerment or abuse.

Now in our very own Gaborone, a young woman by the name of Iona Mogegeh-Omphile hosts a series of talks every month, themed ‘stiletto nights’, which are targeted at the young professional woman.
Stiletto nights are targeted at the modern women who aspire to climb the corporate ladder, or are fighting for their territory in the business world and are a home-maker. It addresses the challenges women face in the work place and aim at empowering women through motivational talks that are given there.

It might not make sense to males why we put ourselves through the pain and torture of these shoes, but they need to understand that it has nothing to do with them.
It’s just women being women.


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