Monday, April 12, 2021

Traffic police officer arrested for driving without a licence

A Gaborone West traffic officer, who does not have a driving licence, crashed a car 300 meters from a police road block after having impounded the car from a driver who he had caught without a driving licence.

Assistant Superintendent Donald Kula confirmed to the Sunday Standard that they are investigating a case in which one constable from Gaborone West Traffic Department arrested a foreigner, at a Gabane road block, for driving a car without a drivers licence, impounded his Mazda car and crashed it a few metres from the road block.

The officer was with a colleague at the road block. When his colleague went into the toilet, the officer went into the stationery Mazda sedan and drove it into an oncoming car 300 metres from the road block.

Superintendent Kula said the officer is likely to be charged with driving without a license and for taking a motor vehicle without authority.

The officer will also be asked to foot the panel beaters’ bill for the two vehicles.


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