Saturday, May 30, 2020

Truth, Lies and Politics: A Conversation

“A soldier without any political or ideological training is a potential criminal”, Thomas Sankara

Looking at the uncontrollable behavior and conduct by arguably Botswana’s Number One Tsotsi toward HE Dr Masisi, the observation by Sankara has hit home.

The reported looting by his former batman has turned Tshetlha into something else. He seems to be lest bothered by the reports on the – offshore accounts  alleged to have been registered in Jennifer Matlho Kgosi’s name, the wife of Isaac Kgosi, salaries paid into Kgosi’s account, offshore accounts registered in Kgosi’s children amounting to Euros 5 million (P50 Million). Kgosi’s father in law, Berence Seitshiro Jennifer’s father too benefited. He has confirmed receiving two cars from Kgosi- a Toyota Fortuner and an Audi (Sunday Standard 27th Jan 19).

Tshetlha is in a state of panic, for him and Spanere knows where the dead bodies are buried. Tshetlha recently made un-necessary utterances against the PSP Carter Morupisi, stating that the PSP is very clumsy and if it was a crime, Carter Morupisi would be serving a life sentence in prison.  Suddenly the military junta has become a saint and has even become a motivational speaker on leadership.
It is equally clumsy for Tshetlha to be telling the nation about his late coming to a BDP event. That was in fact dis-respectful to BDP leadership for him to be seen attending a Super Eleven soccer team event whilst others were busy at BDP strategy meeting. Who knows the same Super Eleven football team could be one of those vigilante outfits masquerading as a soccer team run along the same line as the Mandela Eleven ya bo Stompie Tshabalala.
It is important to note that, there are many who are equally clumsy like Carter who served at the whims and wishes of the past regime in various institutions, department and units. Some of those Mamparas can’t just accept that the winds of change are upon us, are still clinging un-believably to offices and cannot even do the honorable thing, CHIP IN or SHIP OUT
Social Media also recently was abuzz with the “Shitty Word”.

It was reported recently that Member of Parliament for Francistown West, Hon Ignatius Moswaane thought it was cool to use uncouth language in Parliament. In using the “Monarch Loxion gangster like language, Ignatius totally lost it and had this to say

“You are talking shit, said Ignatius to Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Alfred Madigele”. “This is rubbish by the Minister, You are talking shit”.

It is stated that Ignatius must have been irked by some words that Madigele could have said to him off record.

On seeing the conduct of Ignatius Moswaane a colleague, remarked, Moswaane watches too much of ENCA and is probably a great fan of hooliganism. He wishes he was a member of the EFF, my colleague remarked. Certainly it was not only outright disgust for Moswaane to display his “Ghetto behavioral tendencies”, but rather what kind of role model does he wish to become?. What kind of leader uses such uncouth language in Parliament?

Madigele was too kind, my colleague went further. If it was elsewhere, Ignatius could have lost one or two front teeth for his disrespect and immoral conduct. That was SHIT, what he did, remarked my colleague.

There is an urgent need for the re-definition of politics in order to experience development and constituencies being saved from being represented by half baked politicians like Ignatius.
Managing political parties and political systems in a better way will spur good governance devoid of corruption and lead to an upsurge in development.

“I have no doubt that at the crux of our problem, whether it is of development or governance, is politics and I agree completely that if you get the politics right, we’ll get the development right, too, my colleague remarked.

Take Sadiq Kebonang for instance and his recent performance at the High Court. The learned friend was so desperate in trying to implicate President Masisi in the NPF corruption scandal. It is reported that Sadiq on appearing before the High Court, stated that the money he received from the scandal ridden equity firm, Capital Management Botswana (CMB) executives was used to fund President Mokgweetsi Masisi’s then Chairmanship campaign at Tonota in 2017.

On commenting on Sadiq’s desperate attempts to implicate President Masisi on the NPF scandal my other colleague remarked, at times, I wonder why politicians believe they can lie when their untruths are so easily uncovered. It is mostly painful when such lies come from a promising young former Cabinet Minister and a trained a lawyer, for that matter. Guma Moyo also said something nonsensical if not silly.

I’m constantly amazed by how often politicians lie and, of course, their unwillingness to admit that they lied, another colleague chipped in. In Botswana if there were lie detectors used in Courts, some of these cats would have long been exposed. Some of these Members of Parliament and some Ministers have become too big headed and to even allege there is crisis when they are alleged to have been evading tax. These cats need to be rehabilitated and coached on public speaking, ethical conduct and accountability.

Sadiq needs to be rehabilitated for his desperate attempt to lie and implicate Sissy Boy, whilst Moswaane needs to spent too much time with behavioral Scientists, to take out the Kasi mentality from him. He needs to be advised that using uncouth language is not the only way to drive a point home, that is for a village idiot. Parliament is not Monarch Location, o tlhokana le go peitiwa for verbal diarrhea, another colleague chipped in.

Ian Khama too needs counseling; he is not in a right faculty of mind and thinks he is special. “E chaile and NEVER again would Mogae’s mistake be repeated. Serowe is not Botswana and Botswana is not a pseudo democratic monarch. Period!!! His apple polishers and hangers on MUST know this.

It will be fitting that once the storm settles, these cats need to go rot in jail, and no one should be spared including Number One Tsotsi. Ba tshwanetse go ya go disa Poo, ko Matamong

The kgobola kgobola, lotto system of cabinet appointment under Khama’s regime clearly is now revealing a lot. The caliber and conduct of these overly pompous cats goes to show that the add and drop lotto system of cabinet appointment was just mediocrity. Some of those who associates (d) with him, think they have made it in life.

Botswana does not require such kind of leaders, going forward. It has to go through a serious transitional face of reconstruction.  No more Lotto system based appointments, no more deals cut for a few cabal of friends, errand boys and girls.

Intellectualism should not be superseded by feckless opportunism, silliness and greed, filtered with reckless, arrogant and overly pompous, irritating and deceitful errand boys and girls.

The new crop of young MPs and Ministers are often a bunch of ill-prepared, and often ill-mannered, whose energy and zeal far exceeds their wisdom and preparation. Sissy Boy must after getting full mandate after the October 2019; general elections not retain some of these cats who lost in the BDP Bulela Ditswe. Even those who have now become turn coats and want to pretend to love him, he must sack them and should not keep them in cabinet nor even appoint them as specially elected Members of Parliament or as Ambassadors.

It is equally important to note that there are very good technocrats in the system who generate good ideas. Some of the good policies emanate from the private sector, think tanks, and the media and when politicians see the merit in an idea, they acknowledge it. However, the implementation becomes skewed due to partisan politics.

The question is why don’t they politicians follow through on these things and why do they adopt other things. Politics is what is really standing between us and good governance. It is what is standing between us and a corruption-free society. It is what is standing between us and good development.

During Ian Khama’s era he merely ensured that the mediocrity prevailed by appointing some half baked, clueless Ministers and deputy Ministers who are not a perfect fit and most of the time did not just  get it.  They were only fit to serve as errand boys and girls. Di SPAZA, mere quacks and charlatans.

It is advisable for Sissy Boy to jealously guard against the Social Media voice notes of endorsement. There are also those who will use the ethnic trump card to try and buy Sissy Boy’s love, amongst them some Bakalaka ba Bangwato with whose trousers always pitched up to their chests making it one to struggle to locate the tummy and the chest. These are the dangerous snakes, sell outs and crooks good for nothing over draft millionaires.

*Thabo Lucas Seleke writes from Los Angeles, California, USA


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