Monday, May 27, 2024

Tsheole’s parting shots as he steps down as Chiefs chairman

Thapelo Tsheole, who played a significant role in Mochudi Centre Chief’s sinking ship, says he will not be contesting in the upcoming elections as his time with the team is up.

“I do not want to involve myself in football factional wars, hence my decision not to seek re-election.I was only available for a year and I had made that clear from the beginning, I did what I could under the conditions given what I found and what could be done,” opined Tsheole.

He noted that he takes great pride from the fact that he found nothing in the team but managed to keep it afloat.

“We managed to keep the team in position 4 in the first Division despite having found nothing,” he claimed.

When asked if he is happy with what he did during his term, Tsheole said he has made a great impact in the team.

“We regularised Chiefs Compliance with registrar of Societies which was lacking for 3 years before my arrival, Chiefs is now in good standing at the Registrar of Societies,” he said.

“We have formalized acquisition of The River Plate stadium through the kgatleng land board. Chiefs has been playing at the field since 1972 without a proper ownership,” opined Tsheole.

Moreover, Tsheole added that he made sure all requirements of club licensing were met with hope that Chiefs will possibly get a license.

He also added that he has contributed to the financial status of the team.

“We have put strong controls in place in usage of financial resources, now all Chiefs branches have even Receipts books, something which has not been in place. Under my leadership we fought many debts in court and won some, this includes a P450 000 case against Mafu at FIFA. We formulated a privatisation model for Magosi and it is now available,” noted Tsheole.

Furthermore, Tsheole noted that he is happy with his term and service to the team. He said: “We only worked from August 2019 to March 2020, that is 7 months before covid 19 pandemic, but a lot has been done and the financial status of the team is surely better than the horror we found.”

When asked if he could go back to football anytime in the future, Tsheole said: “I do not have interest in football leadership, I came to do community service. I played my role.”

Tsheole further opined that all they have achieved might be efforts gone to waste unless a good leader is found.

In conclusion, Tsheole said his advice to the new chairman is that football is full of dishonest people and that is the reason why it is still undeveloped, hence the need to work by the rules and do your part in an honest way.


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