Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Tsiane says she left Public service after reaching mandatory retirement age

Former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Defence, Justice and Security Segakweng Tsiane has left the public service.

Rather predictably, she has come out to allay fears that she might have been pushed saying her decision to leave the public service was on voluntary basis as she has reached the mandatory retirement age.

There were fears at the weekend that Tsiane could have been pushed as an announcement to replace her was made at the weekend.

Permanent Secretary to the President Carter Morupisi issued a press release stating that: “His Excellency the President has appointed Ms Matshidiso D. Bokole on promotion as Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Defence, Justice and Security with effect from 01st April 2019.”

Tsiane has been in the civil services for 37 years and has served in various capacities as a junior officer and rose through the ranks to become a top civil servant. “I have not been pushed. It is time for me to retire from the public service,” she said.

Asked if she has plans to join politics after leaving the civil service, Tsiane said at the moment she is not interested in active politics.

17 years of her 37 years were in the civil service at Permanent Secretary level which entailed advising political leadership across the three arms of Government( the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary) being accountable for huge volumes of personnel and finances, performance and monitoring systems as well as coaching and mentoring of developing leadership luminaries.
Tsiane also served in several government ministries such as Education, Home Affairs, Labour, Office of the President.


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