Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Tsogwane warns underperforming Councils

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Slumber Tsogwane says he is always a happy man when councils perform well as this always means his job will also be made easy. He called on local authorities to deliver by taking their services to the people. 

Speaking at the North West District Council awards ceremony in Maun on Friday themed “Night of the stars, celebrating excellence and creativity in service delivery”, the minister highlighted the fact that government has availed schemes and numerous other self help programs as   proof that it seeks to empower and see what is good for its people.

 “As government we never stop to ask ourselves what we can do better in order to ensure that we increase the swiftness at which our councils deliver services to the people who need them most, particularly communities who look up to us for such services”, he said.

Tsogwane also stated that he is aware of the challenges faced by the NWDC with regard to the implementation of service delivery among other things. 

He said it is crucial for other stakeholders to come on board as a collective and support the evidently ailing council so as to enable them to triumph over their challenges. 

Through the Economic Stimulus Programme which is meant to expedite economic growth by fast tracking economic development, he said councils should be at the forefront in showing people the need to engage in the initiative and see where they fit in. This, he said calls for a dedicated workforce which share the same goals and visions for government.

The NWDC has over the years been categorized under those that are underperforming and not being able to perform as per their mandate. 

It has also been classified as one of those that have not been audited, despite the Auditor General’s call for them to do so. At a recent full Council meeting , Okavango District Council chairperson Mbahahauka Kambimba made known the fact that the council needs extra help, and that the time has come for the local authority to seek the intervention of the minister himself. Councilors were of the suggestion that they should surrender their setbacks to Tsogwane’s ministry as it appears the council leadership is performing below par and seem to be resting on their laurels. A delegation is yet to be appointed to relay the message to the minister, should Kambimba carry on with the motion calling for such. 


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