Thursday, March 23, 2023

Tswagare Primary school benefits from Safdico donation

South African Diamond Corporation (Safdico) Botswana has managed to source library books from “Books for Africa”, a donation that includeds books, shelves, tables, chairs, computers and a printer for Tswagare Primary School.

Handing over the library books recently, Safdico Chief Executive Officer, Rutang Moses, said they believe that the library will be the heart of the school and will provide knowledge and empower each child to be well-informed and grow to be intelligent, literate and competent future leaders.

Moses stated that through the partnership, they endeavour to continue working with the school to find ways to ensure that Tswagare Primary School achieves academic excellence.

“We were delighted to accept this call from your MP and adopted Tswagare Primary School in September 2013 and we were also being responsive to being a compassionate nation as pleaded by President Ian Khama,” said Moses.

She pointed out that Safdico’s efforts are not isolated, but supplement and bring to life the Botswana government’s vision 2016, adding that through Vision 2016, Botswana as a country aims to be compassionate, just and caring.

She said their participation is very much in line with the country’s vision, adding that they are happy that they are in some way contributing to the national goal.

Moses said their role in the “adopt a school” initiative is to help unlock learning opportunities for the children, who are the future leaders.

Moses said that the success of this programme will no doubt assist in the achievement of the other Vision 2016 pillars of being prosperous, productive and innovative, moral and tolerant, united and proud, educated and Informed nation.

“Our relationship with Tswagare Primary School started with a donation of school uniforms for 60 children both boys and girls,” she said.

Moses also highlighted that last year, Safdico had the opportunity to exchange ideas with the school head, explore areas where the school needs assistance and identified the critical need for a library.

She added that Safdico committed itself to help the school with the establishment of the library.
She stated Safdico’s policy is to give back to communities where Safdico sources its diamonds and added that they have developed Graff Leadership centres in Lesotho and Mochudi.

“Safdico’s adoption of Tswagare Primary School was an addition to our community initiatives and our response to a plea by your Member of Parliament for Borolong, Kitso Mokaila,” said Moses.

She said MP made the plea as an effort to ensure that Tswagare Primary School does not lag behind but equally benefits from the government of Botswana’s initiative of “Adopt A School”, which is aimed at encouraging participation by individuals and companies in the delivery of quality education in all schools.


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