Thursday, February 22, 2024

Tswapong, Phikwe regions financial books under BFA microscope


The Botswana Football Association (BFA) is investigating two regions following failure to account for the financial year 2017/18.

Selibe Phikwe Regional Football Association and Tswapong Regional Football Association are under the BFA surveillance radar after failing to account for the previous financial year. This follows the passing on of former treasure in the Tswapong region while the predicament with Phikwe region follows clubs concern of the acquiesced financials.

While it is compulsory for all regions affiliated to the BFA to comply with the financial rubrics, last week, the football mother body liaised with regional leaderships in their efforts to root out the predicament.

Close sources revealed to the Sunday Standard that while the Phikwe region submitted their financials, it has emerged that clubs argued that financials submitted were not satisfactory to expectations.

“The predicament started when some of the gate takings cash in the financial report did not match with those that were recorded by clubs. While the matter raised eyebrows, it was also not clear whether some of the receipts in the report precisely carried out duties of the region as indicated on the report,” sources revealed to the Sunday Standard.

A letter leaked to the Sunday Standard dated February 2019 addressed to Phikwe region indicated that: “The association has resolved that a review into the financial transaction of the Selibe Phikwe Regional Football Association be carried out. This is motivated by the fact that the financials were rejected by the regional assembly.”

It is said the primary objective of the exercise is to ascertain the completeness, validation, confirmation, correctness and accountability of the financial transactions for the financial period 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018.

The scope of the review is said to collectively review the overall operations of the region.

“The exercise will review the operations of the region bank account for the financial year 2017/18 to ensure that the payments through the bank were authorised in accordance with the agreed procedures or authority levels and approvals,” stated the letter.

It is said a report with findings and recommendations must be completed on or before 31st March 2019 for consideration by the National Executive Committee (NEC).

“A report on the findings together with recommendations must be furnished to the NEC immediately after the conclusion of the investigation,” the letter indicated.

A letter addressed to the Tswapong Regional Football Association noted that the passing on of the former treasurer caused the delay hence they are pushing to close the books.

“The primary objective of this exercise is to close the books following the passing on of the treasure,” reads the letter’s objective of the review of financials.


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