Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Two alleged Zambian smugglers injured in a scuffle with Botswana Police

The Deputy Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, Kesetsenao Tshweneetsile, has confirmed to Sunday Standard that police services of both Botswana and Zambia are on a joint investigation to find out what could have transpired after a Botswana Police boat allegedly collided with a canoe in the Chobe River in which two Zambian nationals, allegedly of the “Manyamu nyamu” gang suffered some injuries.

“The two were rescued by their counterparts and taken to Livingstone hospital on the Zambian side where there are recovering” said Tshweneetsile.

He added that is not true that the two suspects were shot dead by the Botswana Police.
Tshweneetsile explained that for a very long time, there has been a criminal gang known as “manyamunyamu” (or call boys) that are operating between Botswana and Zambia, across the Chobe River in Kasane, who cause havoc in the area, allegedly smuggling items such as beer and using ungazetted entry and exit points.

He stated that the “manyamunyamu” use canoes to smuggle goods into Zambia to avoid duty.
Tsweneitsele said last week Tuesday the alleged criminals surrounded a ferry and off loaded some of the goods illegally.

He added that a Botswana Police officer who was on the ferry tried to warn the gang members but they ignored him and continued to off load off goods.

He said one officer who was on the Botswana Police boat noticed a scuffle and rushed to the ferry that was already surrounded by the “manyamunyamu”.

He stated that the suspected criminals tried to scare away the police boat and during the scuffle the canoe and the police boat collided.

“If the officer had not backed off, they could have attacked him because they are very aggressive,” he said.

He further said the problem of the “manyamunyamu” has been raised in various forums but the issue has not been resolved.


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